Hi there!

We’re not going to bore you with the usual ‘we are the best and bestest company’ text template you usually had read by now, but what we can say is that since our inception in 2003 we are a group of passionate people that long to do work that matters. We’re most definetely not in this industry just for the business, but we want to do great work, to make amazing work that we can proudly claim as ours.

And you know what? It really does take two to tango. To do said amazing work we need to have clients that love what we love too. We realize this now more than ever.

So browse around. And browse carefully. See if we are the right fit for you, whether you love our style and the philosophies behind our work. Start by visiting our new weddings website to see our shooting style, then get to know our photographers, or read some of our popular writings. If you found yourself smiling while doing those things, then please contact our dear friend:

Evy Hwe
mobile. +62 816 139 1059
office. +62 21 5696 2552

or, you could fill our contact form and she’ll reply you right away.

Here’s a map to our office, but you need to make an appointment first, since Evy is often not in the office but zipping her way through the Big Durian.

The Disco
Jalan Wijaya Kusuma No 37 B
Tomang Raya – Jakarta Barat

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