Edward Suhadi Productions are looking for graphic designers to join our team. To make us better, stronger. Experience preferable, but not always. If you’re a fresh graduate but you know what you are doing, why not?

We could bore you with the usual yadayada: fluent with Photoshop and great teamwork and can work under deadline blablablahoamm, but you already know that right?

What’s important to us, is that:

1. You have a great portfolio
2. You know you’re not the best, but you can’t wait to be better – Have a passion to learn. That’s important to us.
3. You’re looking for a family, not just a living – Office+work culture is very important to us. We’re in this together.
4. Can make great coffee and do scalp massages for your workmates and bosses. Juggling fiery torch is a plus.

Fig 1. Fire juggling














Is that you we’re describing?

If your answer is yes, hit an email to Edward himself at edward@edwardsuhadi.com

Oh, the fire juggling thing is just a joke. You don’t need to light ‘em.

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