Why is ‘sales’ such a dirty word around here?

People hear sales and in their heads they think about sweaty guys going door to door selling vacuum cleaners. (Not that anything is wrong with that, I’ll explain that in a minute)

So people and bosses ‘soften’ the job title with ‘marketing’. There’s more ‘class’ (so they say) in it.


A person meeting potential clients and negotiate and sell products is a sales(person).


Sales is the front line of a company. They are the ones that go out first and they are the ones bringing back the winnings from the battle.

I say they are the most honorable part of the company. They bring money in, they strike the deals that is the bloodline of a company.

So what if in the process, some salesperson get sweaty, like when they sell vacuum cleaners door to door on a hot day.

Sales is is a very good position if you want to advance in your carreer (and life).

You’ll learn how to negotiate, how to converse, how to calculate, how to talk, how to read people, how to handle rejection, how to motivate oneself, how to connect to people, how to convince people, how to tell a story, and most importantly, how to sell and seal a fair deal.

All the traits that people need to become a successful person.

If you read all the tycoons biographies, almost all of them start from one position: the IT guy.

Just kidding.

Of course: sales.

So no. Sales is not a dirty word. Definetely not a dirty job title.

It is a position that people should be racing towards to, especially when the product that they’re going to be selling is a very good one and come from a respectable company.

Like the position that we’re offering.

Edward Suhadi Productions is looking for a salesperson.

We’re building a super team of sales that will be selling great products to the clients that are more than happy to strike a fair deal.

We could bore you with the usual yadayada: fluent with this software and that and great teamwork and can work under deadline blablablahoamm, but you already know that right?

What’s important to us:

1. Selling is in your blood.
2. Character is very important. You value integrity highly. We’re not selling snake oil here. We’re honest people giving fair solutions to client’s problems.
3. You have heard about us, you have read this blog, you believe at what we’re doing.
4. You know you’re not the best, but you can’t wait to be better. – Have a passion to learn. That’s important to us.
5. You’re looking for a family, not just a living – Office+work culture is a big thing here. We’re in this together.

Commission based, target driven.

If you want to give it a shot, send an email to

Or if you know somebody who’ll be interested, please share this page to him/her.

Thank you!

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