• We’re not fighting rubber monsters. But shooting down your most precious moments.

    These guys are not just anybody. They’ve been through many years together shooting side by side as a strong team, until now each of them are more than ready to spread their own wings. Different guy and gal, different characters, different shooting style, but the same passion for excellence. We are very proud of each and every one of them. Take your pick.

    We’re very attractively priced:
    Packages with albums and frames start at 12 million for preweddings, 23 million for wedding coverages.

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  • Fun. Clown. Leader. Concept. Romantic. Books. Noodle. Cook. Apple. Dogs. Mad Men.

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    His Twitter @edwardsuhadi

  • Cool. Simple. Loyal. Details. Journalistic. Automotive. Beach. Sports. Music. Beer.

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    His Twitter @widjayahenry

  • Friendly. Easy. Responsible. Perfectionist. Guitar. Biker. Basketball. Gamer. Call of Duty. Travel.

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    His Twitter @yacobusmeyardi

  • Easy going. Chatty. Fun. Shopping. Sing. Shoes. Glasses. Hats. Dance. Travel. Fitness.

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    Her Twitter @inilisaloch

  • Lover. Caring. Manchester United. Coffee. Youth. Cooking. Pastorgrapher. Entrepeneur. Design. Concrete.

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    His Twitter @loloque

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