Eko and Aileen

The greatest strength of a photographer
is not his expensive huge heavy camera.

For us..
It’s how he makes us keep being ourselves in front of the camera.
It’s how he could make the photo session enjoyable and fun.
It’s how he freezes our best moment in his unique angle.

Thank you our Mr. Pre Wedding Photographer! :)

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Kanaka and Monika

ESP Team puts their effort, hope, dreams and pray

Dear Team ESP…

Pertama Kali tau tentang Edward Suhadi bener2 ga sengaja, lagi google2 calon lain tau2 keluar nama Edward..
ngeliat webnya kok bagus hasil fotonya sesuai kemauan saya and monik,
and then gua start reading almost all of edwards writings on his blog i want to know what his visions are, his concept, his reaction when things dont go on his way,
literally i stalk Team ESP since then (since i’m someone who is hard to put trust on others people hand, especially for someone who will take a big responsibility on my wedding day).

Selagi membaca2 gua ngebaca The promise of a revolution sama last minute with owen, it is mind blowing for me.

“We will shoot more of what we love for the clients that trust us. We will not ask, “How would you like to be shot?”, but “This is how we are going to shoot you.” We will try never tried things and dictate on how things are going to be done from now on. Sounds arrogant, but believe me, it is the only way to give space and freedom for creativity and great work to soar.”

This sentence convince me This is the team i can put my trust to take responsibility on one of important day in my life
finnaly Gua and Monik decide buat ketemu ama Evy Hwe selagi di Bazaar Wedding Festival di PP dimana ada kejadian Flying hot Hazelnut Latte yang menumpahi koper and album yang sedang evy keluarkan, dengan muka khawatir and sedikit panik dia masih bisa bercanda look gpp kan albumnya tandanya album kita kuat nih!!!!”

Long Story Shorts we make a deal kita percayain semuanya ke ESP dr Foto Prewed, Video Prewed, Wedding Day Photo and Video, tanpa kita pernah ketemu dengan Edwardnya (karena si Boss sedang sabatical di Ambon)

Ketemu edward for the first time on My Birthday di PI, mulai nyertain sedikit konsep yang kita setujuin, kita diinvestigate ama edward gimana supaya chemistry kita bisa ditangkep, gua akhirnya bilang terserah konsepnya gimana, tempatnya dimana yg penting ada anjing kita yang kita pelihara dari kecil.

Keluar konsep dari edward dan kita berusaha mencerna, secara kemampuan kreativitas kita rendah ngak nyampe deh maksudnya edward ke kita, ngajakin ketemuan sama dia buat reconfirm lagi tentang konsep ditunjukin foto kurang lebih tonenya, emotionnya kayak gimana kita langsung setuju, pertanyaan yang mau kita tanyakan langsung terjawab…

Pas seminggu sebelom tanggal prewed gua nelfon francy minta jadwalnya dirubah karena Samson anjing Kita dioperasi, francy tanpa mikir apapun langsung jawab dirubah aja tanggalnya gpp kok (gua heran sendiri biasanya vendor mana peduli, yang ada konsepnya diganti)

Pas prewed photoshoot di bandung it turns out very well lancar sentosa sampe edward sempet ijin bust COD-an ngambil suatu barang… selama photoshoot baru keliatan seberapa perfeksionisnya, (it’s cool ngeliat edward kalo lagi serious mode kayak ada dua personality sewaktu dan selepas kerja) semua detail dipikirin sama dia, ampe arah pandangan mata, jari, baju ampe jam tidur and one thing i really like from him : dia keep on saying “aduh gila bagus banget nih” “keren banget” too boost our confidence during the photoshoot. I really appreciated That !!! Udah mana sabar banget si edward nungguin samson yang kecapean supaya mau pose lagi, si francy yang lari2an biar samson nguber2 dia, minjemin topi yang dibuat narik attraction samson, bener2 deh team ESP itu kerja pake Hati bukan sekedar ngasilin good photoshoot, It Feels that edward doing this for his own personal satisfaction not for the money we paid.

Pas hasilnya jadi (yang unedited) wow stunning, terus dateng lagi hasil frame and canvas.. Gua bener2 berkaca2 ngeliat hasil fotonya, how warm the emotions, the photo itself speaks so loud !!! semua orang yang ngeliat hasil foto prewed kita bilang bagus banget, nanya siapa yang foto.. gua dah serasa jadi marketingnya ESP hehehe
Video Pre wed Gua and Monik Setuju untuk ngak ngeliat hasilnya ampe pas wedding day untuk pemutaran perdananya, we fully believe it would be real surprise to see how good the results are, ngak ada kepikiran sedikitpun bahwa hasil videonya akan jelek atau apa, yang ada kepikiran seberapa bagusnya, seberapa lucunya samson..

During the wedding day kita ama monik ngak berasa difoto sama edward and lisa (berarti banyak banget hasil2 candid yang akan ngagetin kita hehehehe) ga sabar ngeliat hasil2 fotonya apalagi hasil foto kita waktu di sunset… i will be another mind blowing and many stories to be told…

Setelah beberapa lama mengenal team ESP (Baca : Stalking) the results for ESP team In their Own words are: A Perfect Frame that can be enjoyed because it speaks to you about original, emotional, meaningful, enjoyable and truly beautiful way, those photograph are there to tell a story. To put character. Marks of a life

one thing i can promise if i want to have another photoshoot either it’s for personal use or commercial i will definetly choose ESP for it,
and i’m hoping that we can be more than just vendor and client

It’s Our Previlliage to Know you and get our pictures taken in the most perfect way of doing it by Your Team

last but not least Get Ready for the big success waiting for you, it will be a massive one looking how much ESP Team puts their effort, hope, dreams and pray

sorry for the long lousy words

Our regards

-Kanaka & Monika-

PS ; For prospect Clients if you want to choose ESP for your big events please oh please put your trust on them they will deliver much more than you are expecting of…
it’s the greatest gift and responsibility to them as someone who is entrusted on your big events!!!

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Jonathan and Stephanie

Yang kita bayar itu ‘mata’ nya si fotografer, kalau mau gaya dan atur-atur sendiri pas difoto sih ga perlu fotografer, hire aja tukang foto. Hahaha..

That was our first conversation with Yacob, and right at that moment, we knew he is the one that we want for our wedding day. Arrived on time at the day, capturing every moment without making us feel uncomfortable, the “backgrouuunnd!”, “bacaaanggg!”, and other terms that made us smile and laugh together.”

I can say that if they were not holding the cameras, people wouldn’t know that they were the photographers because they blended in very well with not only the youngsters but also with the parents and aunties. Yacob, Lisa, Loloque and team, we really thank you for being very professional in a very fun way. Each of you has your own uniqueness that made us smile all day long! Not to forget Evy, the sweetest lady who helped us since the very beginning. Two thumbs up for the team! You guys rock! :D

We are currently looking at the unedited file of the pictures and can’t stop smiling at them. We know that we have chose the right team to savor the memories of our most important day. Can’t wait to see the complete album and video of the day.

Once again, thank you for making us feel very special on the day, and thank you for acting not like vendors, but friends.

Jonathan & Stephanie

PS: If you’re meeting Yacob for the first time, you might think that this guy is very quiet. But trust me, this very nice guy can be really funny in his own way. Jonathan even named Yacob as the “silent killer”. He might not be as chatty as the others on the day, but from the pictures, we can tell that he calculated before he shoot, and his pictures kill.. in a good way, of course :)

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Francisco and Renny

Excellence from start to finish.

If we have to sum our experience with ESP team in one phrase, that would be “excellence from start to finish.”

Henry and team really left no room for improvement. Starting from when we booked their service in the very beginning with the cheerful Ms. Evy, who’s always so glad to take my peculiar questions, up until our big day which they have magnificently captured.
Professionalism is definitely their middle name, to say the least. Francisco and I are amazed at how the crew worked so efficiently without even one bit making us feel uncomfortable. It honestly felt like having a bunch of your buddies take your pics on your wedding day. So you can imagine what it was like: very warm and friendly.
Since we live in Miami, right after the wedding I asked Ms.Evy if we could have the unedited photos so we can bring it back home. Guess what? All the dvds arrived in less than a week after the wedding. That’s another “Wow” to add on their already long list of wows in my book. We would certainly recommend ESP for all our friends because we would want you to have as much fun as we did with them! Cheers —

Renny & Francisco De Caso

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Evann and Vinny

Every one of the pictures had this amazing feeling of joy, and I think this wouldn’t be possible if Edward didn’t create this relaxing enjoyable atmosphere.

I actually got to know Edward and the team when I was the best man at a friend’s wedding . What strikes me the most about Edward and the team was not only from the awesome pictures that they took , but also the passion that they have for photography and how much they enjoyed their work. Since then I decided that ESP was the one to document the biggest day of my life.As I write this feedback, my wedding album has just arrived. Now looking back at the beautiful moments of our wedding day, I must say that every picture taken by Edward, Lisa and friends was all smiles! Every one of the pictures had this amazing feeling of joy, and I think this wouldn’t be possible if Edward didn’t create this relaxing enjoyable atmosphere which made us , our family, our groomsmen and bridesmaids feeling very comfortable throughout the day . Not to mention his jokes which made us smile and giggle. As you can see from our pictures we had so much fun that day .

Thank you so much ESP team for giving us all your energy and effort to document the happiest day of our lives !. We wish you all the very best for your future work. We can’t wait to see you guys again on our next photo session.

Last but not least I’d like to thank Ms Evy who has helped us tremendously from start to finish.


For all the bride and groom to be :
Do not hesitate , these dudes are highly recommended ! You definitely cant go wrong with them!

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Richardo and Carolline

Even the unedited pictures are already that good, we cannot imagine how awesome the edited ones gonna be.

Thank you very much for adding love and so much fun on our big day and made it even more special and memorable. After receiving the unedited DVDs package of our wedding pictures, I got so excited and couldn’t wait to see them right away. I found that your shots are beyond my wildest expectations. The pictures literally (no jokes/hyperbole here) really really took my breath away. Neither Richardo nor I believe at “love at first sight”, but when we were looking at our wedding pictures, that is “love at first sight” that really stuck us.
Everything seems so perfect: the angle, the laugh, the people, the set, everything was beyond words can describe …
UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING! Even the unedited pictures are already that good, we cannot imagine how awesome the edited ones gonna be. Can’t wait to see them!

Please kindly accept the cake with our picture taken by you as our modest token of gratitude :D

Thank you so much once again to Edward, Francy, Evy, Henry, Lisa, Loloque, Mas Sugeng and every other member of ESP team. We wish you a whole bunch of best of luck wishes for ESP’s future and we certainly hope that our friendship will last a lifetime and not just until our wedding project is over :)

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Ruben and Josephine

Edward was and will always be “the man” ;)


That’s what photography is all about for us on our wedding day… We chose the right man to capture our once in a lifetime moment for that. He’s more than just a wedding photographer…

Edward was and will always be “the man” ;)
I’ve known Edward since 2008, when I was a bridesmaid to my bestfriend who was shot by him. On that day I told myself that I was going to hire Edward to be my wedding photographer no matter what!
I can tell you for sure it’s not only the skills that brought him to where he is now, but its also the complete experiences (joy, jokes, laughters) that makes it memorable. My husband and I couldn’t be happier that we made the right choice :)
As for Ruben, he’s not the type who makes comments on people’s work. So, when he said to me, “He’s gooood! More than what I expected from a photographer… Is he a comedian too? Coz let me tell you… He’s FUNNY!!!” I think that says it all… :)

We just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Edward and the team so much from the very bottom of our heart! A special thanks also to Ms. Evy Hwe, who had been such a great help!!

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Nerwin and Yessica

Everyone at ESP are indeed very passionate on what they are doing.

Dari lubuk hati terdalam loh *cieh cieh cieh*… ^^

Impressions upon ESP: crazy, funny, and they makes things exceptionally beautiful. The kind of vendor that you want to hire not only for wedding, but your maternity shoot, kids’ birthday, and the list goes on. Being “model-illiterates”, we remember Edward was able to put us at ease, simply making things amusing during the pre-wed shoots.
And, despite being so hectic, the whole crew knew how to crack us up in laughter throughout the D-Day. Everyone at ESP are indeed very passionate on what they are doing. Thanks to ESP, we now have superb album, video, canvas, you name it, that we could look back on in the years to come. You guys are highly recommended!

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Rafael and Iona

Everyone were very professional and friendly.

First impression was… You guys are a cool gang! Starting from Evy, Edward, Francy, Henry and Yacob. Of course not forgetting the rest of the team.

Thank you for the effort, creativity and hard work that you guys did during our pre-wedding and wedding day.

Our wedding photo experience with ESP was exceptional. From the first meet up, the follow up, the shoot it self, the photo editing and the publication of the album, everyone were very professional and friendly.
The photographs turned out beautiful and we could see that you guys captured the feelings and the moments. The concepts itself is something that is close to our heart.

So what we are saying to people is this, if you want something different, something unique, something that maybe even feel magical for your precious day, go for ESP!

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Harto, Christine and Howard

If you’re like us, the type of couple who believes that with respect, they will give you their darndest best, then go with ESP team!

If you’re like us, the type of couple who believes that with respect, flexibility and trust, your vendor will give you their darndest best and appreciates how they surpassed our expectations, then go with ESP team!

If you’re like us, the type of couple who loves how the account team made sure everything’s ready for the wedding and the thorough after service, then go with ESP team!
If you’re like us, the type of couple who loves how the photographers made us at ease, non-intrusive and are genuinely nice – Edward was handy with tissues during my weepy moments and Lisa made sure 7 months old Howard was comfortable during his photoshoot – then go with ESP team!

If you’re NOT like us… Then what are you doing here? :)

Looking forward to our next session ESP team :)

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Astrid and Aditya

His profesionalism and ability to make people smile the sincerest amazed us.

Long story short, we first heard of him from a friend… Browse him through the internet, instantly fell in love with his work. Then we decided to meet up for our prewedding session, boom… No moustache hahaha… We feel connected right from the very first meeting. His friendliness, chattiness and ‘relaxing’ aura just feel so right.

We decided to directly book him as our wedding photographer. His profesionalism and ability to make people smile the sincerest amazed us. Our prewedding photos are candid, colourful, and full of wide smiles (this is something hard for Adit to usually do infront of the camera).
Our wedding photos captivates us even more. So beautiful, so sincere. It successfully captures the most important day in our life. Pokoknya puaaassss bangeeettt!!! Since then, he has become some kind of our trusted photographer. Any photo-needing moment, we’ll find him hahaha.

Recently, we did a family photoshoot with him, and the result… Just like any other of Edward’s work, amazing and brilliant and we looovveee it!

Salute to you and the rest of ESP team. Stay solid and rock on !!!

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Teza and Tia

We really-really have no regrets

Pertama kali nya tahu tentang Edward Suhadi itu sewaktu gue lagi duduk dinner di restoran di mall sama temen-temen. Tiba-tiba terlihat 1 cewek rambut panjang pake kaya jas masuk restoran bawa tas koper gitu, which is tentunya menarik perhatian banget buat gue. Kebetulan duduk nya pas di sebelah meja tempat gue duduk. Dia keluarin album2 foto. Oooh, ternyata lagi ketemuan sama calon client x ya… Krn penasaran banget sama foto-foto di album nya, gue catet lah nama si tukang foto nya di HP (pakai kekuatan mata dan telinga yang teramat sangat sampe akhirnya tahu nama si fotografer adalah Edward Suhadi).

Pulang rumah, langsung gue search di google dan keluarlah website foto Edward Suhadi. Begitu gue buka, dan lihat2 hasil foto-foto nya, langsung jatuh cinta abisssss sama foto-fotonya. The way the pictures shows the emotion of the couples, and the angle, and the moments… wow perfect and really amazing. At that point, I know that this guy is reaaaalllyyy goooooddd and I want him to be my wedding photographer. And I don’t even have any plan of getting married at all that moment… Lols…
Saking cintanya ama Edward… ehhhmmm… ama fotonya maksud nya.. ^^ sampe temen2 gue yang lagi mo married pun gue suruh buka dan cek ttg Edward Suhadi.. Dan sampe gue suruh pacar gue saat itu (now is my husband) buat lihat website dan hasil fotonya. :P SOne day, 1 of my best friend ended up choosing Edward as their wedding photographer. Dan lucu banget deh, waktu ke kondangan dia, gue ampe nyari-nyari mana sih yang namanya Edward. Bahkan sampai deg-deg-an ketemu dan mau kenalan sama Edward (lols)… Dan akhirnya 1 temen gue yang saat itu juga jadi bridesmaid dan tahu gue seneng sama Edward akhirnya manggil Edward buat fotoin kita rame-rame. Keliatan banget saat itu pas foto kita rame2, dia bisa bawa suasana enak, seru dan a little bit crazy… Temen gue itu juga bilang he is good, super funny, fun and friendly. Gue semakin yakin kalau gue HARUS pakai dia buat jadi fotografer weddingan gue.. ^^

Tahun 2010 akhirnya gue dan pacar gue plan to get married on the year 2011. Tentunya berbagai planning dilakukan, termasuk salah satunya choosing our pre-wedding and wedding photographer. Of course, my number 1 candidate on the list is EDWARD.. I called Evy the lady who does the little things.. dan set up meeting untuk bahas dan lihat portfolio dari ESP.

Pertama kali ketemu Evy, dia sangat friendly, nice, cheerful and helpful. Apalagi sabaaaar banget meladeni kita yang banyak maunya dan nanya nya hehehehe. Setelah lewat beberapa lama dan compare dengan bbrp fotografer lain, kita akhirnya decide untuk pakai Edward (Horeee!! So happy my boyfriend agree with me!!!) Kita pilih karena bbrp alasan, yaitu hasil foto yang so real, really can capture the moments, so colorful and wonderful, good price, many good recommendation from other vendors dan kebetulan waktu itu ada paket foto prewedding ke Bali, jadi one for all, all for one.. ^^ Dan setelah deal dengan Evy, kita juga terbantu banget dengan kesabaran Evy yang dimana kita sering molor kirim balik form or jawaban email.. :P Untung tim akunting juga sabar dan bantu mengingatkan kita karena kita sempat lupa juga dengan tanggal deadline pembayaran DP… upsss… :P

Ketika akhirnya kita berjumpa dengan Edward pertama kali untuk bahas profile foto untuk Pre wedding, Gue bener-bener excited dan a little bit nervous, karena pacar gue itu bukan tipe orang yang baru kenal bisa friendly dan bawel. Tapi ternyata begitu ketemu pertama kali aja Edward was sooo friendly dan bisa break the ice and awkwardness sama kita. Bahkan bisa ajak ngobrol hal yang disukain kita berdua. Francy pun yang saat itu ikut juga very nice and so calm and kaya tipe Ibu banget… :P Selain diskusi konsep foto, untung juga kami dibantu dikirimkan email tentang barang dan baju yang harus di siapkan.

During pre wedding shot di Bali juga Edward and Francy sangat menyenangkan, dan super duper friendly. Tukang make up yang dipilih oleh ESP juga mantep dan friendly also very helpful banget, selalu stand by dengan bedak dan berbagai alat make up, sedikit keringetan langsung benerin, pokoknya first class service. Walau pun kami semua cape dan akhirnya sampai susah tersenyum selama sesi foto yang dari pagi sampai sore, tapi benar-benar semua nya super fun and enjoyable. Edward tetap sabar dan tetap bisa membuat kami tertawa dengan jokes nya sehingga semua hasil foto kami juga bagussss! Benar-benar we had a great time with them.. Jempol jempol jempol… Design dan konsep album nya juga unik banget mencerminkan kemauan kami banget. Loooove the packaging of the pre wedding album.

Akhirnya tiba hari pernikahan kami. Tim ESP benar datang on time. Semua tim fotografer juga tim video ESP pun sangat friendly, dan ternyata semua nya pada senang bercanda alias crazy banget sehingga kami pun bisa ga grogi malah ikutan gila pas di foto. Hari itu terlihat bagaimana kualitas dan etika kerja tim ESP benar-benar jempolan. Ketika lewat beberapa minggu pun CD foto-foto tiba-tiba sudah dikirim ke tempat kami. Melihat hasil nya semua bagus-bagus sampai kami bingung mau pilih yang mana buat di album kami. Setelah lewat hari pernikahan kami, kami tidak sengaja bertemu Edward dan Francy beberapa kali. Hebatnya mereka masih mengingat kami dan tidak sombong sedikit pun, malah sempat dinner bareng jadi nya. Hehehehhe…

Looking back to the past, we really-really have no regrets of choosing this special team as a part of our important moments of our life. For us, ESP is about great friendship and family, their work ethics are about doing the best they can to achieve great victory and move forward to become better, their personalities are about caring and striving for the people connected with them. It was an honored to be photograph by you and your team, it is a pleasure to know you and be friends with you. Thank you Edward, Francy, Evy, and also to the rest of the team. Wishing all of you the more great years to come. God bless… ^^

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Yoki and Fenny

The pictures were absolutely gorgeous.

It was definitely a pleasure having Edward and his team as our photographer. They were very talented, professional and passionate about photography. The pictures were absolutely gorgeous. The team knew exactly when to take the perfect shot. Thanks to them, we now have a beautiful wedding photo album.

Both Fenny and I, definitely recommend Edward and his team.

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Feliz and Leony

Beside the professionalism, his enthusiasm in bringing the best out of us was what we rewarded very much.

After my wedding day, I realized that choosing the right photographer was one of the most important decisions that we should make. Edward and team totally made our day. I and Feliz did not feel that Edward was our photographer, instead, we felt that he was our close friend that also functioned as a cheerleader (without the pom poms) since the very early in the morning, till the night ended! Beside the professionalism, his enthusiasm in bringing the best out of us was what we rewarded very much.
I thought it was going to be hard to convince Feliz since he was quite picky in regards to taste in photography. As an avid fan of ESP’s works since 2007, I was surprised that he said, “this is it” on our first encounter with the team back in the office. We did not think even once about changing our mind, and we never regret it!

The results? Unquestionable! I know that Feliz and I were good looking (ehem…), but we looked even better in the pictures!! (Acute narcissism). Hahaha… I love how you all captured the wonderful moments. The anxiety, the tears, the excitement, and the joy of being the king and queen of the day, were framed tastefully in the album and canvas. Our deepest gratitude from us to you: the front liner, the photographers, the assistants, the designers, the drivers, everyone in the team, we love you all, and God bless you!

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Ricando and Stephanie

We enjoyed his jokes and his love for taking wonderful pictures.

It was such an amazing experience to be able to have our pre-wedding shot with Edward Suhadi. Initially we were apprehensive about the whole idea of getting the 1950s Mad Men theme, donning a wig and having the 50s hair style, in fear that it would look weird and ugly. Initially we wanted to get run of the mill point pre-wedding photos with beautiful gowns and nice scenic backgrounds. I am sure every bride wants to look good and pretty especially in pictures; memories that would last them (us) a life time.
However, once Edward told us more about his concept and idea, we were getting more and more excited. It really fits our vintage theme, and although still a little apprehensive, we decided to take the leap of faith. Once we were on board the idea, we were so excited in looking for the costumes to fit the ‘Mad Men’ theme. It wasn’t easy to get the outfits. In the end we made some of the outfits (1 skirt and 1 dress), and in desperation most of the other outfits were just bought of the rack from Zara.

What truly amazed me was Francy’s (Edward’s wife) impeccable styling and with the help of the wonderful make up by Adeline, the vintage ‘Mad Men’ look turned out absolutely perfect.

Edward’s theme made us all so excited, and with his wonderful and bubbly personality, everyone of us were at ease during the shoot. We enjoyed his jokes and his love for taking wonderful pictures. His creativity is endless and he became an inspiration for the both of us.

All that we can say is that we did not regret going on board with this pre-wedding shoot. (I, Stephanie did not regret donning a wig),
And most of all, we did not regret going ahead with this ‘Man Men’ concept by Edward Suhadi. We feel so blessed to have this unique ‘Mad Men’ theme as part of our memory. Thank you Edward and team for making our pre-wedding shoot a wonderful experience for us. Looking forward to working together again in future. :)

Lots of love,
Ricando and Stephanie.

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William and Irene

He captures moments and keep it simple and pure.

For us, choosing Edward Suhadi to capture our wedding ceremony and our prewedding was an absolute decision. We didn’t even consider any other photographers as we fall in love with his art. In nutshell : He captures moments and keep it simple and pure. A funny man who can threw jokes with straight face, he made us laugh and smile by showing off his bellybutton :) it’s a priviledge to be photographed by him and we have big faith that ESP team will become the best in the field and creates one-of-a-kind art ! Be grateful at all times, keep a humble heart and have a childlike curiosity! God bless Edward Suhadi Productions!

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Geoffrey and Grace

You’re kind hearted man, nice, and down to earth person who really passionate about your work

Our pre-wedding shoot with Edward (and Sugeng of course J) was unforgettable and extremely fun. We were enjoying every minute of it. There was no pressure and boredom what so ever; it was completely 100% fun.

We decided to shoot our preweding picture in Malang, since Geoff’s factory located in Malang. We went to Kebon Raya, Tugu Hotel, Pasar Burung, and etc. Aku inget Edward dengan mata cameranya screening tempat-tempat yang ok, bahkan tempat yang gak terpikiri sama kita sekalipun Edward bisa spot that place and turned out to be the best picture! (Di parkiran hotel tugu yang ketutupan sama mobil ada pintu tua, gak pernah ada yang notice, and Edward did noticed!)
One thing yang gak akan pernah aku lupa Edward dengan lucunya keluar dari kamar dengan tangan dibelakang dan bilang “janji gak boleh ketawa!” dan ternyata Edward bawa tutup closet yang sudah pecah karena didudukin Edward. OMG it was so funy!

And I hope our friendship can last forever and I did mentioned to Geoff that I want to do the maternity picture with Edward! (kalau gak gendut dan jelek yah, kalo tiba-tiba jadi jelek gak jadi yah ward! )

I wish ESP nothing but the best! You’re kind hearted man, nice, and down to earth person who really passionate about your work, and wanted the couple’s you worked with to have the best experience! I can’t thank you enough Edward! Much love! And May God bless you always..

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Kai and Devi

ESP were a joy to work with, very friendly, helpful and attentive.

ESP were a joy to work with, very friendly, helpful and attentive.
Their instructions were very clear and easy to follow. Jacob, lisa and Evy were nice to talk to, understanding and patient. Neither one of them complained, even though the schedule was tight and it was always a rush.
ESP worked well with the videographers which just made the whole experience so fun and turned a stresful time of our lives into a really beautiful and relaxing one.

Thank you Jacob, Evy and Lisa. You made our day so wonderful and magical.


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Vincent and Frida

I can sense that you were full with energy and effort, and you did your job wholeheartedly.

When I was writing this feedback, it was only few days away from our first wedding anniversary. And looking back all those wedding pictures, suddenly my mind goes back to that special date. I can clearly remember many wonderful memories by looking at them. Thank you ESP team for helping us to record it. Those pictures that you guys took were so beautiful that up until now, I am still mesmerized every time I look at them.
Thank you Edward for taking a part in our special day, you are a very nice man with lots of smile and laughs. You were able to create a relaxing atmosphere that made me, my husband, our bridesmaids and groomsmen feel so comfortable and enjoy being photographed. I can sense that you were full with energy and effort, and you did your job wholeheartedly. I believe that choosing you and team is one of the best decisions I make in my lifeJ. I must also say thank you for Lisa and Henry. The pictures that you guys took were also amazing. We love them so much.
So once again thank you Edward, Francy, Lisa, Henry, Evy, and all the videographers in the ESP team, we wish you nothing but the best for your work. We believe that you will gain success even more in this industry as you preserve that passion in your heart. God Bless: D

Thank you.

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