Tip Like Warren Buffett
September 23, 2013

I really like this video. A group of cool guys leaving $200 tips and recording the reactions from the waiters.

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More Beautiful Than You Think
April 16, 2013

This Dove ad has been making rounds in the internet. And as a photographer I cannot help but relate myself to this.

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We Recommended: ROC ‘N RON Barbecue
March 27, 2013

On this blog I have always wanted to share a good product or a good experience that I had, especially when I know the owner personally.

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To This Day Poem
March 15, 2013

I haven’t seen something so beautiful and touching for a long time.

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Remember That Good Things Still Happen
November 19, 2012

This clip exactly says what I want to say.

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How Bad Do You Want It?
November 1, 2012

Eric Thomas is a teen life coach. He works around schools, putting the right values into young minds.

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Where Will We Meet You?
August 30, 2012

Stumbled into this blogpost from Chris Council.

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Curiosity: A Different View
August 16, 2012

Mark had a son and lost his mother on his seven years of working in NASA JPL

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Life Is Too Short For Anything Else
July 21, 2012

This Saturday morning, before I started to work on my deadlines, I browsed my RSS feeds, and ran into this Martin Schoeller.

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Jess and Russ
June 27, 2012

The most beautiful wedding website we have ever visited: The Story of Jess and Russ

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They Are Photographers
June 27, 2012

I seldom call or introduce myself as a photographer. Felt like there’s so little that I’ve shot, so little light I’ve captured, I don’t deserve the title.

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This is how you propose a girl
June 3, 2012

I think the coolest part of all this is how much friends and family are on board to make the couple happy. I haven’t found anything sweeter.

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The Best Job
May 8, 2012

This deserves a post in our blog. Great concept, great execution. Great communication. Jerked me.

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Silver and Light
May 3, 2012

One of the most impressive things I’ve ever watched. In the age of Photoshop actions, what he is doing says a lot.

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This Is What’s Coming To Our Wedding Industry
February 28, 2012

Well, at least on my corner of the street.

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Shtuff People Say to Photographers
February 9, 2012

So you know, how *not* to piss us off. The scary part is, 90% of the shtuff that is said here, people have asked me. So like I said: don’t.

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Jogja Hip-Hop Foundation
December 14, 2011

  It’s another one of the video series Intel has done to lure the world’s emerging markets.

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Talent Is For $h!T
December 3, 2011

  “The best advice I could possibly give you, and forgive me if this seems glib, is to work. Work. Work. Work.

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We Don’t Need More Excuses
November 13, 2011

That’s the thing that crossed my mind when seeing this video. Albeit Andrew Clancy is a filmmaker, but there’s this ‘feel’ to this particular project.

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Stop Hating Somebody Else’s Dream
October 26, 2011

Got this from Jon Acuff’s blog on my late 1 am browsing. A wonderful gem, agrees to my opinion that most of the time,

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The Creative Gap
October 7, 2011

Ira Glass is an amazing radio host and producer of the popular This American Life radio show.

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What is a day attending TEDx Jakarta look like?
September 16, 2011

Here’s a video that the team at TEDx Jakarta made about that awesome day. Too bad I coudn’t be there in body,

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Inspiring Video on Batik Fractals
September 16, 2011

  In his Visibly Smart campaign, Intel picked up the story of Nancy Margried, a designer from Indonesia.

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100 Years of London Fashion in 100 Seconds
September 1, 2011

Even if I do not have the looks, but I am quite a fashion buff :) Well, at first the work demanded it,

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If You Think You’re Good at Photojournalism
August 31, 2011

Please watch this video and go sulk in your room. Or you can use mine, I still have space.

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March 22, 2011

If you knew me long enough, you knew I often joke when I see a friend going through circumstances:

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Don’t Be Nice. Be Helpful.
March 21, 2011

Giving people feedback is an act of trust and confidence. It shows that you believe in their ability to change.

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Last Minutes with Oden
March 7, 2011

I was woken up by the cries of the little puppies outside my room. After tending them,

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ft_yours truly
Yours Truly Premiere
March 1, 2011

Like I have written in my previous posts, I always respect and admire people that chase their dreams,

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ft_risk & beeing
Risk and Being The First
February 1, 2011

“If you don’t take a risk then how are you going to make something really beautiful, that hasn’t been seen before?” -Francis Ford Coppolla

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Dancers Among Us
January 24, 2011

@silentdogood sent me this link, saying he remembered my post about Leo the dancer when he saw this project.

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A Flowchart: Should I do it for free?
January 12, 2011

Creative people asked his heart this question all the time. It’s about time someone like Jessica give us a clear guide on what to answer. (click for fullsize)

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ft_anti climax
Anti Climax
January 7, 2011

The strip is so funny that I need to blog it so I could visit it daily. Tomas Soejakto is a bloddy genius.

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It Takes More Than Talent
January 5, 2011

Here’s Ted with a voice out of gold, but he’s out homeless in the streets. Reminds me of Outliers, a book by Malcolm Gladwell.

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maier white lady
Unearthing A Treasure: Vivian Maier
January 5, 2011

Who said that in this day and age, there’s no more buried treasure? This morning, I woke up to an amazing story,

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“What a great camera you have!”
October 17, 2010

People said that to me all the time :D What do you think? :)

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Be here now
October 13, 2010

Run into this great ad. Me myself are an advertising enthusiast (I dreamt working in a cool big advertising agency since highschool)

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This is gonna be the coolest video ever!
October 8, 2010

Okay, there’s three scenarios on how this video got made: Scenario One, the client came with the idea,

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Show our failures
September 8, 2010

Watching the video this early morning, I was moved into tears. The man cries a lot, I know. But this one is powerful, well at least for me. I’ve been following Charity: Water and its founder Scott Harrison – I wrote a blogpost about them a while ago. This being a drill to mark their […]

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Now this is romance…
August 15, 2010

I haven’t seen something this sweet for a while. The guy flipped the box right in frame two, and you can see the reaction in frame four. Their names are Angela and Ithyle. Congratulations you two :)

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