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Collection of our weekly newsletter on relationships, because we think it is one of the most important thing that will define your life.

Edward loves to write what he thinks about, well, everything. From the simplest gestures to the most grandeur events, he usually sees something, and wrote it down.

We’re tired and exhausted with how the way ‘things supposed to be’. Starting 2012 we’re a company with a whole new attitude. Read to know where we’re headed, and hopefully we’ll make you a believer.

We’re far beyond the “Client is king” way of thinking. We will work the hardest, walk the farthest for ones that we love, and ones that love what we do. Respect is the new currency. Let’s learn together.

We make a lot of videos. From behind the scenes, tutorials, announcements, and journals. Most popularly: The New Zealand Campervan Trip. We’re told it has inspired a lot of people.

It’s one big theme, but we thought all of you explorers would like to see the posts in one place. Stories, pictures, videos, you name it. Europe, Asian, and of course, our own backyard.

Hey you lovebirds. Here you can find tips and stories about your big day, and most importantly, what comes afterwards :)

Here we share some tips and walkthroughs. Some from our photoshoots and retouching process, and also some practical DIY art projects.

We just love watching other people behind the scenes photos and videos, seeing the fun and the energy behind a shoot. So we try to make lots of our own too.

Inside is a lot of cool, inspiring, or just down-right funny stuff we found that we think worth mentioning.

Here you’ll know why we are so proud of this company. Work is more than a contract, but a place where we can make a difference, and be our better selves everyday.












On April 2012 Edward and Francy left for a month to the The Maluku Islands, taking pictures above and below water and trying their hands to be baristas at the local coffee shops.

The Indonesia Mengajar movement is one cause that is close to our company’s values. Since Edward, Henry and Handry left for the islands in 2010, we’re practically family.

For one week, our photographers went for a soul-seaching, sharpen-your-eyes trip to Central Java. They shoot and share and talk. They brought home amazing images and stories.

The trip that everybody is still talking about: Edward and Francy circled New Zealand’s South Island, and they did it with a home on four wheels. It has inspired many Indonesian couples to do the same.

One of our designers fell in love with a Finnish guy and decided that she wants to spend her life with him. Some of us went thereto this native village of Kihnio to witness the vow.










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