Listening Not Hearing.
November 13, 2013

Many years ago while I was in this relationship building class with Francy I had an experience that sticks to me up until this day.

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Do Not Capture. Burn.
November 9, 2013

Some image could be forgotten, but some images could burn in your memory.

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We Hated Our Moms
November 4, 2013

We hated our moms because she was right.

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Blessing vs. Hardwork
November 3, 2013

I asked, “So how do you explain this thing between blessing and hardwork then?”

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What Makes Us Miserable
November 1, 2013

Contrary to logic thinking, what makes us miserable in a bad situation is not the absence, but the presence of choice.

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As Long As We Talk
November 1, 2013

Me and Francy is blessed because we started this relationship on a ‘best-friend’ basis.

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“Please Keep The Toilet Clean. Management.”
October 23, 2013

When I read that on a piece of paper taped on the wall in a non-public office toilet, I know something is not right.

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Everybody Needs A Co-Pilot
October 17, 2013

That’s the sentence made famous by the romantic comedy ‘Up In The Air’.

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Are My Dogs Smarter Than Your Clients?
October 13, 2013

Dogs dislike being seperated from their masters, but a lot of times I need to.

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The #lifepartner Newsletter
October 9, 2013

I am, by my standards, happily married.

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Launching Api Cinta The Cooking Show
September 27, 2013

Even when we don’t yet have a studio, I always wanted to have a cooking show.

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Why Do We Live: A Birthday Note To Oneself
September 27, 2013

To smell coffee brewing.

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Tip Like Warren Buffett
September 23, 2013

I really like this video. A group of cool guys leaving $200 tips and recording the reactions from the waiters.

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Saya Pasti Kecewa Dengan Anies Baswedan
September 16, 2013

Saya rasa, saya ga bego-bego amat.

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Go Fast Enough.
September 14, 2013

I stumbled on this article about how Airbnb is getting on all sorts of trouble.

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It’s Not Bad. Change Is Just Hard.
September 11, 2013

I stumbled on this post on the beautiful blog of Owen Williams, titled iOS 7 Isn’t Bad, Change Is Just Hard.

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ESP Akhirnya Outing
September 7, 2013

People love being successful.

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This Is Not Hollywood. This Is My Wedding.
September 7, 2013

I believe in authenticity.

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The Softest Bed in The World
September 2, 2013

I’ve seen an magazine ad for such a thing in a luxury lifestyle magazine.

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What Kind of Person Do You Deserve?
August 29, 2013

This happened quite a while ago but I still remember it vividly.

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