This spesific frame is already in my head. We put on the movie title in later and it's perfect.

Oh my. Rawr Mr Travolta.

Love love this shot. Everyone is like *pow*

Mike and Jen being all natural in front of the camera. See that sway?

Love this one too. Got that 'perfect for makeout' diner.

Can you see how cool they look? Hahahaha!

Here's a closer look.

We then proceed to the “Mafia” genre.

Definetely got that feel of a crime family, hehehe...

A subtitle in red is all it needs.

We brought in the smoke machine to give that thick smoky room

Can't tell enough how I love this frame. Character.

We then hit off to the gym in Monas. Proceed to the “Drama” genre, inspired by that movie ‘The Figher’. The ring is not what it looks like here folks. It was in a parking lot, open, hot, lot’s of people staring, and a couple of impatient real boxers wanting us to finish fast are lurking around. Not your ideal conditions :) But we managed to shoot some classy shots here.

From the looks of things, Mike's in deep trouble :)

Great make-up here by Fifi from Adeline Make-Up

Hey, he's gotta win, rite? :)

We proceed to the last take. My home for the setting of the “Comedy” genre. The cliche opposite-attracts screnario. Mr Clean meet Ms Flamboyant here. But I think we pulled it off really good here.

Fast forward to their wedding day, we gave each genre a title and some screencaps, to mimic the old time movie posters we used to lurk around in the 21 cineplexes, remember? Then Yucien Lotus gave them some lightbulbs and voila! Never had party guests take their picture with my prewedding as their background, but that day so many Mike and Jen’s friends queued up and took turns taking pictures with the displays. It was a huge success.

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