Celebrate Progress

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This is powerful stuff :)

In college I was pretty active in a youth church group and I was often got the chance to be one of the leaders.

I was often frustrated, because, y’know, these are college guys. They’re just kids that want us to get off their backs. Meetings were terribly late, targets unachieved, events disasterous, discipline nonexistent, and a lot of people was just being very-very difficult.

One night, I remember it was after a late night meeting, I was sitting alone, again, dissapointed after a guy who was giving me another hard time.

A wise friend, who is one of the leaders too, came up to me and say:

“Remember: Celebrate progress.”

And those words has become one of my strongest mantra ever since.

If you’re on a diet and you want to hit 70kg from your current 90kg, that 70kg looks so distant and unachievable. Those nights when you’re skipping dinner felt like it was for nothing. “What the heck am I doing? I will never be 70kg. This is useless.”

We have to stop looking at things that way.

If you are now 90kg and you want to hit 70kg and after a couple of nights pushing the rice away your weight scale needle now points to 89kg, that is called progress.

And baby: Celebrate progress.

People often dismiss the 1 kg. “It’s just a kilogram.” They say.

But I say the key to achieving dreams is to have a party over every kilogram.

You hate your husband for never wanting to take care of his health? Well, y’know what, last week he did 10 squats instead of zero and that is called progress.

You hate your team for hitting just 70% of the target, but you know what? Last month it was just 60%, and that is called progress.

That difficult person in your office? Even though she still snaps at you, you can tell that she is putting more effort and smiling more, and that is called progress.

Fixing your eyes on the goal may discourage and frustrating, but celebrating progress gives you energy, strength, and persistance to carry on.

Looking at the distant dream makes you want to give up, but celebrating progress makes you want to continue the fight.

It makes you grateful, instead of groanful.

Celebrate progress, and before you know it, you have hit your goal.


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