We Hated Our Moms

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We hated our moms because she was right.

I remember vividly how in my rebellious teenage years I didn’t like her whenever she, basically, teach me how to live.

“If you shower, spray the walls and the curtains to clean the soap foams. They will last longer.”

“If you are sharing a bathroom with someone, like when you are on a trip or staying with a relative, keep the floor dry and pick up the hairs. Otherwise, it’s disgusting for the next person using it.”

“Edward! What have I told you?! Always make sure that the fridge door is shut! See this??! You’ll damage the fridge this way!”

“Whenever your father and I are away, how hard it is for you to check the locks and windows at night? It is your house too, y’know?”

“I told you many, many, many times: Return things at their rightful place! It’s making me crazy how all the things are gone when I need them!”

I hated her. The nagging mom. The mom that knew everything. The mom that cannot let her kid just be and be happy. Wise-ass mom.

But now, I spray my shower walls and curtains. I mean, you gonna leave the foams to dry and make all that yucky cracks? Disgusting!

And how I hated whenever I shared a bathroom with someone and he was like this barbaric caveman that leaves his hairs and leave the floors all wet. C’mon man, didn’t your mom teach you anything?

I’ve repaired a lot of fridges that’s malfunctioned because someone did not make sure the door was shut. It hurts when you pay the bills with your own money.

In this day and age, of course I want to check the doors and windows at night. Ever heard of burglars? There are stuff inside, y’know?

And I had many, many, many unnecessary fights with my wife because she, and myself, cannot find the things we need at the last minute. It’s a really bad habit.

. . . . .

We hate people that advise, yell, scold, or angry at us, because they are right.

We hate them because deep down, we know that what they are saying, is true. And that hurt us, because we instinctively defend our ego and pride.

And because we just want to live our lifes just the way it is. Do not try to change us for the better. We’re comfortable this way. We’re good.

I think 99% of the advise and critiques people gave us is good, despite the way it is delivered. If we can look beyond our ego, and beyond how uncomfortable it makes us feel.

Shower curtains don’t grow on trees, y’know?

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