Everybody Needs A Co-Pilot

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That’s the sentence made famous by the romantic comedy ‘Up In The Air’.

Pilots need co-pilots, and the rest of us need someone to be our partner.

That’s why I kinda coined the term lifepartner for the very first time in this post.

‘Spouse’ is kind of a legal title, ‘lover’ is too dreamy steamy.

‘Partner’ has the right ring to it.

And if you add ‘life’, the term ‘lifepartner’ is spot on in describing this person: someone that promises you that she will be there for you for the rest of your life.

Why do I like the word ‘partner’?

Because with partners, you achieve something. You build dreams. You arrive at destinations. You’re not just ‘be’ with partners. You have a purpose for a partnership.

And with partners, you’ll be glad knowing that the task at hand is easier. You’ll sigh a relief knowing that you won’t be doing this alone. I can give stuff to him. She can do these parts.

And lastly, with partners, you’re sharing your journey. Some men and women might be able to pull it off alone. But knowing their strengths can help a significant someone, someone they’ve chosen, someone they committed to, that is priceless. Because when you are strong and have everything in the world, sharing is the last thing you can do to get to happiness.

Welcome to the group, and I am looking forward to the lots of great stuff ahead.

Warm wishes,

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