Why Do We Live: A Birthday Note To Oneself

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To smell coffee brewing.

To bite just baked bread.

To make new friends.

To feel the beauty of old ones.

To hold a supercomputer in your hand.

To see a dream built by brick and mortar.

To feel useful.

To pay back your parents.

To know the pain of saving up for something.

To attack a problem with smart friends.

To believe in something.

To hook people up.

To untangle headaches.

To lie yourself on fresh linen.

To feel the generosity of people.

To be generous.

To feel a stranger’s smile.

To scream on top of mountains.

To take journeys only few have made.

To write with pencil on a notebook.

To max out your lungs with morning.

To wake up with a dog on your face.

To know there’s a lifepartner is here for you.

To bet everything.

To try to rule out impossible.

To laugh with old friends.

To converse with strangers.

To give people second chances.

To walk in quiet towns late at night.

To canoe.

To shed tears when your heart is broken.

To respond in kindness.

To feel helpless.

To feel you can move mountains.

To listen to reason.

To pat people on the back.

To know God is watching.

To fight pesimism.

To make fresh pasta.

To eat real salami.

To stand on the other side of the world.

To learn not to judge people.

To love unconditionally.

To see a million frames inside a black rectangle.

To smell a child’s hair.

To breathe under the seas.

To hear people still remember.

To act bigger than yourself.

To choose what’s right.

To know you choose inconvenience.

To feel lost.

To bow your head and raise your hand in prayer.

To be thankful.

To have people believed in you.

To give everything you got.

To breathe so heavily in anger.

To feel disappointed, slapped and stabbed.

To forgive.

To be forgiven.

To know loyalty.

To be proud of the soil you’re standing on.

To smile upon a dog panting.

To see today’s first sun rays.

To make someone feels like a million bucks.

To hold your lover’s hand.

To prove there’s still good in this world.

To do things people say you cannot do.

We look so hard for the meaning of our lives while missing every single thing that happens in the thousands of days we are living.

Have occasional grand plans, but 99% of life happens everyday, everywhere.

Do not kill yourself figuring out of what might be the purpose of your lives. When you start doing all the things above, your purpose will come to you.

Happy birthday you lucky bastard.

Never complain. Never forget. Never settle.

(And as a birthday wish, would you add your own take on life in the comments? I want to learn more :) )

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  • Steven

    To wake up in the morning next to my most beloved person in the world

  • Evelyn

    To be able to roll out your mat and do yoga

  • http://www.edwardsuhadi.com/blog Edward Suhadi

    To be on time.

  • Nadya Prayudhi @nadinsky

    To see your children grow and leave you to be happy on their own.