Go Fast Enough.

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I stumbled on this article about how Airbnb is getting on all sorts of trouble. They had some before too.

In short, Airbnb is a platform that connects ordinary people that want to rent out their empty rooms/houses to travelers looking for places to stay. It’s a runaway hit with millions of listings all over the world. (I’ve tried them two times when I was in Canada this year, and it was a pleasant, memorable experience than a hotel room.)

Francy with our Montreal Airbnb host Jane

This has caused a lot of headaches to the established industry, the hotels. So they have been pushing back hard, saying it is illegal for Airbnb hosts to operate without permits etc.

Also there are complaints from the neighborhood, saying it’s unlawful, not safe, and disturbing the peace.

In short: They are in all sorts of trouble and resistance.

The old me, picturing myself as Brian Chesky, the guy who started Airbnb, would get daily massive headaches and maybe will back off so I can get back to live a peaceful life.

But the new me, the one who’s been learning all sorts of things in these past years, is strangely excited. And I believe, Brian is too. Headaches yes. But excited.

Because like Brian, this new me, see ‘troubles and resistance’ as the signs of heading to the right direction.

Because it means that I am shaking old beliefs, questioning the established, and seeking better ways that I think can be done.

A simple mind-switch that needs to be flipped on someone’s head in order for him to become successful is to learn to sleep with Risk.

Risk has been my sleeping partner for the last years and I have been hugging her ever so tightly. I switch to other partners sometimes: Resistance and Change. And an occasional Are You Crazy.

I know very well that Risk one day will stab me in my sleep, and I know it will hurt so bad and cripple me, but I will not die and I will wake up the next day, because I have Love that is the source of all power. (My Love often appears to me in the form of my lifepartner.)

I absolutely love this quote by Mario Andretti, a world racing champion that said, “If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough.”

Name one guy that made a dent in this world but never slept with Risk. And Change. And Resistance.

So go fast enough.

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