Garbage Man

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There’s this garbage man in my neighborhood. An irritating one.

The thing is, he won’t pick up anything unless it is in the waste platic bags.

I’ve left carton packagings, broken pots, a piece of styrofoam, even a wine bottle, only to find them still in the same spot as I left them. If it’s not in the bag, even though it is obvious that we want him to take it with the other trash, he just leave them there.

“Not of my business,” I think he said. “Better gimme a buck or two for that wine bottle,” I imagine him saying in his head.

And it’s true. If I waited for him in the morning, just to spesifically tell him to pick up my broken pot, he’ll just linger waiting for that buck.

And with that, he will always be a garbage man.

Life will not take you higher if what you do is only what you are required to do.

Raises, advancements, bonuses, big projects, miraculous opportunities will not show up if what we do is only enough for us not to get the blame.

“I did my job description! I’ve never broken any promises!”


But we will always find you there.

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