The Little Things

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So I just came back from shooting this amazing wedding in Bali with Lisa and Deddi, and from the airport we went straightaway to Loloque’s son Keizo first birthday party. Remember that Keizo ?

So we were stuffing food into our mouths since we were famished from the trip home, then suddenly there’s a tap on my shoulder. It was Loloque’s housemaid. I only met her once when I visited Loloque’s home months ago.

“Ko, ice water with ice cubes, rite?”, she asked smiling.

If you know me well, you know I don’t like drinking those water filled plastic cups. On functions, I usually sneak myself into the kitchen and get a nice big glass of ice water. Of course some ice is very welcomed.

What surprises me was that she remembered. Even I don’t remember ever drinking ice water in that house or have I asked her to fetch me some.

But she remembered.

I felt so very special. I felt like the most important person that afternoon. I sip that ice water like people in a cola advertisment never did.

And you know what, I will remember her for a very-very long time.

You make people feel special with the little things. With lovers, spouses, parents, bosses, employees, friends. It need not to always be elaborate or luxurious. It just need to came from the heart.

Sometimes only a glass of water with ice will do.

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