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I attended a wedding here in Bali here with my whole in-laws gang: Francy’s mom and dad and her sister.

While waiting for the couple to come out, I offered Francy’s mom and dad to take a picture overlooking the beautiful afternoon sky dotted with white clouds.

I did what I do all the time: Taking people’s pictures. Only this time with an iPhone and the subject was my mom and dad in-law. I did my little tricks to make them felt at ease while I took their picture and I hit the shutter at the right time.

As with couples their age, they seldom get their picture taken this way, and if you know my dad-in-law, it’s a very rare thing for him to laugh this happily in front of the camera.

It really is good. You’d feel happy for them just by looking at this.

They cannot stop complimenting this photo. “It’s good. It’s so good! We look so natural! Papi looks so unrestrained! I look good too!” my mom-in-law keeps saying while squinting to look at the picture on the phone.

I agree. It’s good. It’s really good.

It really captured the air around them. If I were them and I have a piano, I’d print this thing, frame it and put it on top of that piano. If I look at this picture, I’d remember that whole afternoon.

I’ve preached this all the time: Great pictures are not all about bell and whistles.

Nowadays, photography is so grand and sophisticated and edgy, people (the photographers and the viewers) often forget the simple, powerful, I-remember-this-moment photographs.

With the viewers (clients/buyers) demanding more and more, the workers (photographers) keeps piling one feature on top of the other, making their work as loud and as feature laden as they can.

Both of us ended up being deaf and numb amidst all the chaos and craziness.

Enjoy a photograph because it speaks to you.

Enjoy it like you would enjoy a baby in your arms, not like you would make a list of sexy features when getting a new smartphone.

My mom-in-law, who is a straight-shooter lady, always told me, “I cannot understand how those couples pay you that kind of money for what you do. I am sorry, but I see your pictures, I don’t see any difference.”

That morning after the party, while still squinting to her phone and smiling happily, she said, “Now I understand Edward. Now I understand.

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  • bohemian11

    not many people will get it though. One of my best friend bluntly said she did not like my prewedding pics. she did not get it. she said it is just like ‘normal’ photos and not like prewedding photos. But I do not regret it one bit. Everytime I see those photos, they always remind me of the fun we had that day and sigh happily “ah to be young and so much in love!”. It is the reason why we do prewed photoshoot isn’t it? to capture those precious moments

  • Jesse Freidin

    Wonderful post, Edward- and beautifil portrait! It’s funny how so many people scoff at investing in professional photography, and it’s high cost. Until they experience that moment where a photographer shows them their true selves. Then they truly get it.

    • http://www.edwardsuhadi.com/blog Edward Suhadi

      I never thought Jesse Freidin will post a comment on my blog. I gotta mark this on my calendar! Thank you Jesse!

  • @rini3pujiastuti

    beautiful post :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/erikeneddy Erik Eneddy

    And that is also why I’ve been in love with your works, since many years ago :)

    • http://www.edwardsuhadi.com/blog Edward Suhadi

      That is such a sweet comment. Okay, you’re now the comment of the month!