Weddingku and Tattoos on Ladies

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Weddingku Group is having their 10th birthday bash last Monday. It was always nice to meet with the people in the wedding industry. Beside all the great friends, like all the other vendors and Weddingku Editor in Chief Iman Hidajat, of course the special congratulations went to Tono Raharjo, the little guy with great dreams, who build from a single tiny website into the now media giant and a very significant player in Indonesia wedding industry.

Seeing Tono, I always get reminded that if you have the dream, the drive, the discipline, literally anything is possible. It’s just a matter of when.

Of course, the big deal for me was how our guys came into the party and become the talk of the night :) Well at least for the people that I met :)

I was saying a couple of days before the party, since the theme is ‘Black and Sexy’ – wouldn’t it be great if we could sport a distinct uniform items amongst ourselves since it’s gonna be a big crowd there :) Like colorful glasses or hats. But then it hit me: how about tattoos? Temporary tattoos of course. Tattoos are sexy right?

What text or image are we going to tattoo? Where? I told them that I don’t know whether tattooing is a bit too much, and evenmore tattooing our logo is kinda silly and over the top. It’s up to them, just give it a try first, then if it looks too much, then just come without them. I cannot join them since I had a full day of meetings and will be waiting for them directly in the venue.

I came early into the reception, and met with lots of the vendors. To be honest I was kinda worried, “What if the tattoo is distasteful? What if it’s too much? Seen by all the people here?”

Then they came. My God what a sight :)

All of them are wearing blacks. The gals were sexy hot, the guys were handsome cool. And they all were wearing tattoos! And to add to my surprise, it was our logo! And they look gorgeous! They were not shy at all, more like proud and excited to show them to everyone.

People at first shocked seeing them on the shoulder, on the arms, on the necks. But then they were liking them. A lot. It was not distasteful. Very bold, almost over the top, but not at all distasteful. People were applauding them, and even took pictures together like Yu Cien here:

I was very happy that evening. Not because my sexy hot friends were walking around the room like walking billboards but more than that.

I mean, for people to be willing to tattoo their company logo (and it’s a person’s name) into their bodies to show them excitedly in a room full of people, that’s saying something about that company. I know a bunch of people that rather be seen dead then be seen with their company logo on their necks.

People work usually for the money, for the fear of the boss, for taking advantages of the facilities and benefits.

But if you, like us, are working in a company for making dreams come true, for getting smarter everyday, for learning something new, for making significant impact for the clients we have, then we truly need to be grateful.

Bosses: people work for more than just the money we pay for them. Employees: Make sure you’re not the only one that think you deserve better.

Bosses: people for work more than just the money we pay for them. It is the lowest of motivator and retainer. Strive to make your company more than just a transaction: I pay you, you give me your time and effort. It is possible.

Employees: if you don’t like it there, go somewhere else. Make sure you’re not the only one that think you deserve better. Work for your dream company. If you found one, give it all your best, since poeple are lining up for your spot.

* * * * *

I am really proud of what we have. Of the reputation we have. Of the work we’ve done. Of the people that’s working here. Of the clients that came through our doors. Really proud. I know we’re not the only one, and we are far from perfect, but definetely not many that are like us.

Thank you friends for that nite.

First, because not so many nights that a man can see his name tattoed on ladies skins (guys too, but you don’t want me to get too excited about that, don’t you Hen? Hehehe)

But foremost, because you guys showed me that my dream of having a company that’s more than just making money is possible.

I love you guys.

See you at the top: GO DIAMOND!

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