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I don’t play favorites with our photographers. But until the weeks’ over I probably will have to violate that.

Our photographer Yacob shot our client, Agus and Aileen last weekend.

You see, it was his very first, yes, very first wedding that he shot under his own name. Aileen picked him amongst our five.

Yacob is one of those guys that when you trust him with something, he will really took it to the heart and will promised himself that he will not let you down for whatever reason. Whatever it takes.

So Aileen choosing his name is a big deal for him. He prepared for this first wedding for weeks, making sure everything was covered.

Even until the the day before he wrote in our company’s group: “Please pray for me guys. I’m kinda afraid and nervous. I hope I can give my best.”

Don’t worry Yacob, for Fear is Good.

Tonite I just had the chance to really soak in the pictures.

Jaw dropping.

I mean I’ve known him for years that I know he will handle this first one and many more to come just fine, but I am honestly amazed by these pictures I’m seeing. Here’s a few:

This kinda reminds me:

I wrote this on 2 AM in the morning after coming back from a live stand up comedy show. It was Ernest Prakasa’s Merem Melek Tour Finale.

If you read my tweets, you probably know that I have a huge amount of respect towards Indonesian comics. Especially the new ones. Those still with the trembling voices and anxiety you cannot miss.

I respect them because courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. Many people see unfunny jokes, I see somebody fighting his fear, getting over rejection, conquering his body to accomplish a goal (that is, to make a room full of strangers laugh).

Yacob had that fear, had that trembling voice and that anxiety, but he fought over it, courageously, and came out as a winner.

Yacob, you made me one very proud, really proud friend. You’re going to come up fast in this world. Ladies will line up for you.

You’re my favorite until this Sunday. Shhh, don’t tell the others.

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  • jeberok

    Congratz Yacob, be prepared what is ahead.

  • Wangka Jaya

    oppss, wrong ID -__-

  • Yacob

    thank you for believing me

  • Fannie Yuanita

    terharuuuuu…. dan bangga…. :)

    • Edward Suhadi

      Guys, Fannie ini istrinya Yacob :)