They Are Photographers

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I seldom call or introduce myself as a photographer. Felt like there’s so little that I’ve shot, so little light I’ve captured, I don’t deserve the title.

But these guys, the working photographers of National Geographic, they deserve all the titles of the profession. (By the way, one of my dreams is working on a story for NatGeo.)

Such as George Steinmetz here.

Such beautiful light I think my chest is going to burst.

Sigh. So little that I’ve shot.

Too many skies above the skies that bragging about yourself is almost idiotic.

So you. Yeah you. Call yourself a photographer?

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  • abi

    fotografi selalu menjadi bagian dr hidup sehari2.. I know I’m nowhere near being a real photographer, but I do love photography. thanks for sharing pak Ed. Videonya bikin nganu.. fotografi lah, de bes. :D