What is it that really matters?

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I’m not saying that we all need to have it done like Ian and Elvira of Weddingclip – but the video does make you wonder: “Exactly what is it that really matters?” – since Vira wrote on her wall: “The sweetest moment of my life.”

You. Him. A dress. A jacket. Flowers. Some music. Good friends. Good laugh. Great memories.

*There’s a whole set of pictures from the crazy night on Facebook, taken by Lisa*

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  • @Rini3Pujiastuti

    aaaahhh indomi pake cabe rawit yesss!!! :D KEREN BANGETTT deh acara anniversary-nyaaa!! SUKA SUKA SUKAAA!

  • Irene Tan

    Amazing!! Heartwarming! and yes, this is what it really matters…