Indonesia Mengajar Highlights Video for TEDxJakarta

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It’s been a great day. The video I made for TEDxJakarta today was a huge success. I got a flood of tweets from people saying they are inspired by the video. That’s how the world works. Someone inspired Indonesia Mengajar, Indonesia Mengajar inspired me, I inspired people, and so on.

I am very grateful for this opportunity. Even though I am now on the other part of the world, but I can feel the spirit of the conference. Thank you for Indonesia Mengajar, thank you for the TEDxJakarta team, thank you for brothers and sisters far away in the Halmahera islands. Standing on a TED stage has been one of my dreams, and today it is one step closer to that dream.

Remember, this video is a highlight only. I am planning to release the full length documentary of the trip soon. Real soon.

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  • Albert Arron P

    full versionnya mana nih? :)

  • Truevee

    boleh share videonya di fesbuk>? thanks

  • Olmadecom

    awesome! can’t wait to see the full version :)

  • Gede Manggala

    Great video!! I am inspired. A zillion thanks