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Read this piece here. Excerpt:

Hiring is what you do when you let the world know that you’re accepting applications from people looking for a job.

Recruiting is the act of finding the very best person for a job and persuading them to stop doing what they’re doing and come join you.

I believe that piece of writing has forever changed my mind about how I would look for people to join my team.

So here it is: I am recruiting. Not hiring.

In a sense that you are somebody that is smart enough and great enough to be holding a great job now, or through circumstances, are between ones.

I’m looking for two leaders. Not just people, leaders. In respect to the game of chess, I’m naming one The White Bishop, and the other The Black Bishop.

The White Bishop, or The Business Director, will be handling new ventures, and making sure the ship runs on her very best condition. He/she will be responsible for every aspect of Edward Suhadi Productions that has the words ‘operational’, ‘management’, or ‘business’ attached to it.

The Black Bishop, or The Art Director, will be responsible for every single thing that come out of our shop. The albums, the packaging, the web design, exhibition design, the showroom, everything that has the words ‘art’, ‘print’, ‘graphic’, ‘style’ attached to it.

The requirements? Three things.

Passion. Because money is the weakest form of motivator. If you are in it *only* for the money, then maybe this is not for you. I want people that will work to challenge him/herself, not to only get approval from the boss. I want people that say, “This is great work, but I can definetely do better tomorrow.”

Competence. Because I am looking for people that will teach me things, not the other way around. You have to be smarter than I am, because I want to learn from you, and I will let you do your things, not the other way around. If you know what you are doing, and you’re doing it better than I did, I most probably will get out of your way.

Heart. Because kindness is important here. Our company culture is important. The people who work here is important. We want to work happy and to the fullest, amidst people with great hearts and characters.

If you are interested, please email me at edward@edwardsuhadi.com

Please surprise me :D

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