Day Five – Suliliran (East Kalimantan) #IMESP

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Hi guys, this is Henry reporting from East Kalimantan. Just want to share a story from the island I’m staying in…

On day 2 of my trip, I was staying in the village of Suliliran Baru, accompanied with a Pengajar Muda named Nova.

My host family, a native Bugis tribe, with 2 sons sitting in primary school and junior high. I was very lucky to have such a warm and welcoming host family and they treat me as a family member. There’s one day, the family and Nova took me to harvest the long march of palm tree (something I only see from TV). Then it became my first and memorable experience for me. It was fun.

Another notable experience was on the fact that the family rarely having dinner together. But ever since Nova stayed in that house, the habit has changed, dinner time has become a time where all the family member gather around the food, and eat together.

Those are some of experiences I wanna share. And I want to share that the presence of Pengajar Muda in this remote village, brings a positive impact, not only for hundreds of students, but also for the family, the place to have dinner together with.



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