Can’t Sleep

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Here I am lying on a floor in a living room of someone’s home, 12.30 at night, total darkness, crickets and other bugs chirping away. Me and Francy decided to sleep on the cool tile floor since we definetely cannot sleep on the warm mattresses. She’s asleep now. I’m still wide awake.

Why am I here again?

The answer comes as fast as the question does.

To learn.

To stop.

To see.

To create.

To get the story out.

In all my previous posts, I know I have said alot about my inner journey.

But I am glad to say that I have also have been creating.

The stuff I have in my compact flash, dear God… could only be made possible by the combination of the great story, perfect background, amazing cast, and the craftsmanship of the artist. I can’t wait to present them to the friends over at IM.

And to imagine that these photographs and footages could contribute, even in a smallest tiny part, for the development of my beloved Indonesia, for my little hobbit friends here, I am deeply grateful.

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