Last Minutes with Oden

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I was woken up by the cries of the little puppies outside my room. After tending them, I had a quick look at my twitter time line, and found this video.

John Wooden is an ex-convict who had to put down (Indo readers: disuntik mati) his dog Oden because he had cancer and was in a lot of pain. Oden stayed with him during his recovery from drugs, addicition and a whole lot more hardship in his previous life.

A lot of people think we who love dogs is only attracted to their cuteness and their good looks and golden hairs and their ability to ‘shake hand’. But if you saw stories like this, having a dog could mean a lot more life-changing.

The video is very emotional. I cried watching it for the very first time, I cried all the while I was subtitling it, I cried watching the finished video. It goes to show why I love this God’s creature so much, and why I never regret any single moment of having a dog beside me, and why I think that those who hates dogs or feared by them are missing out one of life’s greatest joy of being unconditionally loved.

So here I am at 3 am in the morning, just finishing off the subtitling, because I think you guys will understand it better since John talk quite fast. I highly recommend you watch the subtitled video.

***** Click here to watch the subtitled video *****
I’m sorry that I cannot embed it here, there’s some coding difficulties I do not understand. Would love a helping programmer’s hand.

The Vimeo video if you want to watch it here:

If you think crying over a video about a dog is silly, I just whispered a promise to lead a better life in memory of Oden.

Goodbye champ.

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  • Nancy Indrawati Usman

    I always say to people who hate dogs, “seriously, you’re missing out the greatest love you can ever get in this world… Not even your spouse can love you, like our dogs love us.”
    I agree with what you said, and what John Wooden said in the video. I didn’t teach my dogs how to love, actually it was them who taught me how to love.
    Thank you for sharing and subtitling the video. It makes me sobbing like crazy in my workplace, but I didn’t regret it.

    • Edward Suhadi

      Gw jg nangis lagi deh nonton ini :(

  • Kanaka

    And You’ve succesfully made me cry by this video.. and i defenitly wants my dog to be part on my pre wedding photo/video shoot with you edward…

  • bea

    “your job is done champ. your job is done champ”

    to stay open to people, let them know the truth!

    Learning an unconditional love from a dog.
    Through all ups & downs…
    in memoriam of my baby Brandy.
    Yes i confirmed that!

    shed tears:1st watch.
    sheding tears again : 2nd watch

  • nonie

    nangis gak karuan liat video ini ityo… :(