I Just Need To Let It All Out

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Yesterday was quite crayh-zee.

Me and Handry were shooting upstairs, while Henry was shooting downstairs in ShangriLa. Edwin and the video guys were also with on both weddings. We had a beautiful and funny same day edit video. Henry had the morning studio set up, I had the afternoon. To finish that off, I had one of the best after party ever also. Crazy bunch of people. I woke up feeling thankful (it’s Sunday after all) about all those everything yesterday. And I need to let this out:

I am damn proud of all my guys.

Starting with they that relentlessly bring my portable studio here and there, they that shoot the weddings, they that have the meetings and make the sales, they that design the album, they that retouch every blemishes on my clients skin, they that opens up the business opportunies, they that sum my lengthy rundowns on a wedding day, they that chase the parents and siblings to get the picture, they that keep the finances safe and healthy, they that try in every possible way to keep the good name and reputation of Edward Suhadi Productions.

I just thought that the world should know that.


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