The New Zealand Campervan Trip Video

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Here is it guys. It’s 27 minutes long, so get some snack :) Make sure your audio is on since the first seconds are audio only.
We hope it’s entertaining. Would love to hear your comments and questions :)

A little tip: hit the play button, wait for it to start loading then hit stop. Let it load enough first so you don’t need to worry getting cut off in the middle.

We’ve tweaked a few bits here and there, and now we’re presenting it to you in HD! So, if you’re watching this abroad, or you have a fast internet connection here in Indonesia, just turn on the ‘HD’ icon in the lower right of the video. More details, more MORDOR!

We’ve subtitled it into English for you our non-Indonesian readers. Watch it here. If you’re a programmer and could help me with the codes to embed the video here with the width of 730 pixel, I would be so grateful :)

Some more goodies for you loyal viewers. Wanna see the inside of the van? We prepared for this edit, but it didn’t make the cut since I thought it would be too long. Well, here it is. And yes, my shirt is inside out.

Many questions has arised about the trip that I’ve written in the Weddingku Magazine article. You can download the pdf here – it’s quite an interesting read. In it I tell the whole story, up to the anecdotes and how much we spent on everything.

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  • Andy Wijaya

    Hi Edward and Francy
    ini SUPER banget :) thanks for sharing the happiness with us, I like your video

    • Edward

      Hi Andy! Thanks so much for watching :)

  • Ellen

    Hi Edward! OMG you and Francy are so fun and talented ppl!! Video ini teramat sangat membuat gw makin ga sabar ke NZ! Hubby and I are planning to go there soon. Mau tanya2 donk soal campervan. :)

    1. Cape ga nyetir sendirian?

    2. Kagok ga bawa campervan? Rencana nanti hubby juga yg nyetir sendiri. Dan pengalaman mobil terbesar yg dibawanya cuma Innova, dan terjauh Jkt-Bdg hehehehe… Kamu sblmnya udah pengalaman bawa mobil gede kah? Do you still suggest him to drive a campervan?

    3. Di kota spt Christchurch dan Queenstown, gimana kita bisa jalan2 di dlm kota tsb dg campervan sebesar itu?

    4. Berapa hari ya sampai black tank nya perlu dibuang? :D

    5. Selain fuel and parking, biaya2 apa lagi yg related to self driving? Apa harus langganan highway pass?

    6. Tidur di dalam campervan kedinginan kah?

    7. Air bersihnya tahan berapa hari sebelum perlu diisi lagi?

    8. Kalau ditanya apa minusnya campervan, what would you say?

    • Long

      Hi Edward, pengen tau juga donk jawaban dr pertanyaan di atas, thanks!

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  • Maya

    OMG, this kind of video should be broadcasted on TV :D I thought it has an excellent quality and quite entertaining! Thanks for sharing this :)

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