Fendi + Kartika Wedding Day

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Don’t you just love that smile? Seeing those teeth, Kartika must be either a dentist or a toothpaste saleslady. Gorgeous-gorgeous woman that made my shooting ablaze. They also told me Fendy always feel awkward in front of the camera. Nah. He just need the right buttons pushed :D

Enjoy lads.

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  • kartika

    Thank u for being a part in our happy moment..”Uncle edward” is the way i used to call him for the whole day..it’s fun and energizing for d day!! he he he..
    Henry was making such a great job by doing his part to catch the moment with Fendi coz Fendi is such a difficult person to be catched thru photography, but u did it, Hen!! It’s great!! ha ha ha
    I just can’t forget every single moment that we share together on my precious day with Edward Suhadi’s team..
    Thank u so much coz u guys just make everything wonderful..