The Golden Tickets Winners!

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Sorry for the wait :)

After a long process, since the first announcement, then a couple of examples posted, like this one, and this one, we finally found our two winners.

Like we described before, we planned to have a meet-up dinner with all the five chosen finalists, but too bad we have to meet one of them (Michael and Jennifer) separately since we found it so hard to match six different parties to one date. On the day itself, one of them miss the schedule (Yosep and Anita), so in the end only three couples were coming.

We met for the first time, put some name stickers on the chest, exchanged stories and laughs. It’s kinda weird, people use to say to me it’s funny seeing me for the first time other than the pictures, then I had the same feeling. Funny seeing them in all the audition video but then finally met them for the first time.

After that, then it’s dinner time. Here’s the kicker: The food was still uncooked, and the finalists were going to cook them for us. So each of the couples will cook a dish that all of us going to eat for dinner.

Some gasped at the thought, hahaha, some already starting to take a peek at the ingredients and planned for their meal.

This was not a cooking contest by the way, it’s just a way of us to see and blend together with the finalists. It worked like a charm. Everybody’s having a good time and showed their knife skills, hahaha… Take a look for yourself.

The taste? Delicious! Given that we gave them just enough ingredients and cooking time under 30 minutes, what they’re cooking were not bad at all. All the plates were left clean, meaning all of us enjoyed the cooking.

After we bid farewell and goodbyes, our team had a small meeting to decide which couples we’re going to pick as the winners. We’re ultimately looking for the best fit for the team, energy, and the looks of their toes (kidding!) Hahaha… but since every finalist is already a fun couple to begin with, we had a hard time choosing. But every race needs a winner right?

Congratulations Michael+Jennifer, and Teddy+Christine. It was a battle well-fought, and you deserved the Golden Tickets :)

For all the couples that have sent the video, the finalists that took the time to come down to our tiny office and cooked for us, we thank you. You guys have been amazing, really. To have the will to send the auditions, plan the shoot, taking them, edit them, it required a lot of effort, and we definitely appreciate every little things you have given us. We hope that the experience and the friendship will last far more than the contest.

Aaand that’s it for this installment of the Golden Tickets! We learned so much in doing our first public participation contest, and sure enough, this is not going to be the last one of these. There’s gonna be more tickets in the future. Keep an eye out.

But for now, thanks for watching!

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  • Francy

    The secret recipe to make a delicious food:
    “Cook with passions & pour lots of loves in it”
    I believe you will satisfy anyone who eat ur cook
    Keep on practicing :)

  • Leony

    Tine, I just read your comments here. Hahaha… Mau belajar apaan ama gue? Belajarnya sama Edward and Francy aja tuh! I bet Francy had satisfied Edward’s tummy all the time, rite? Hehehe.. I’ve never used Bumbu Munik, tapi si Romo Kun, SJ, sayur asemnya dia paling ditunggu2 dulu sama anak2 di Milwaukee, and his secret ingredient is: BUMBU MUNIK hahahaha… Tine, enjoy your thanksgiving there. Eat lots of Turkey!

  • Christine

    Non, kayaknya gw harus byk belajar masak dari loe nih hehe…How am I going to satisfy the hungry stomach of Teddy’s? haha…I’m cooking for my brother here, blm ada yg sakit perut sih hehe..I have all the time to think about what I’m going to cook so lebih relax but I’m still really really sucks haha..Thanks to Bumbu Munik, I’m survived! hahaha…

  • Yosep Sugiarto

    Congratz guys… too bad I couldn’t come but well you deserved it! enjoy and don’t forget to invite us :D

  • Christine

    Dear Edward and the Team,

    Thank You sooooooo much for choosing us!!!! ;) Oh Gosh, We’re soooooo happy and words can’t describe how happy we are right now! I heard the news this morning from Teddy and I wish I were there in Indonesia to share this happy moments with him. But yes, we share it through BB.. hehehe…

    That night, we were so happy to experience the cooking and met new friends. We also feel this great chemistry with Edward and the team and Thank You all for your hospitality!

    Once again, Thank You guyssss! I’ll be contacting you as soon as I arrived in Indonesia. We’re looking forward to see you soon! =)

    PS: The happy tofu really made us happy :)

  • Leony

    Yippieee !!…. Congrats to Michael and Jennifer (too bad I wasn’t able to meet you two), and of course congrats to my best friends Christine and Teddy!! We should do more cookout, ESP team! No more time limit please hehe… For all of the finalists, good luck on our wedding preps, and thank you to ESP team for the chance to share stories, laugh, and joy through this marvelous event.