Fendy + Kartika Bali Prewedding

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Hi guys, this is my first post on prewedding session. A bit nervous in the beginning, because I’ve never had the writing experience before. However, I’m really willing to share the stories and some photos for you. Here it is :)
Overall, me and Handry are enjoying this Bali photoshoot, weather is good, couples are very enthusiast, cooperate well with us, and the makeup by Mba Ade is fabulous. And not to forget several occasions that makes this session unforgettable, such as : having the low tide on the beach and nearly missing out the flight to Jakarta.
Here are some photos I wanna share with you, hope you enjoy this and I’m looking forward to receive your comment :) thanks.

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  • Yonathan (Acoy)

    So amazed to watch the pictures from this blog. The view is so nice and those pictures which taken from Henry’s eyes also fabulous. I like the angle, the tone and the art of those. Can’t wait to see the other picture from you guys. Keep up the good work. Salute!!!

  • http://www.edwardsuhadi.com Henry

    Hi Gy… i’m great.. how are you guys? of course i still remember you and Dian…
    We did a little bit hiking, learned about how to shoot with a real gunshot, got up early in the morning to catch the sunrise but eventually the sun didn’t show up just like we want, nice muscle car (but i forget what the brand is, fairlady isn’t it?), and of course Dian’s father and beautiful Intan =). Amen, thx a lot Gy.

  • Georgy Riady Dalimartha

    Hi Henry,

    Apa kabar?
    Masih inglet sama kita? georgy and Dian,
    Anyway, great pictures bos, everything is in the right place…
    Semoga tambah sukses.

  • http://www.edwardsuhadi.com Henry

    Thanks joe =)

  • Joe

    Pre-wedding photo taken requires so much hard works! And this one turned out fabulous! Bride is so pretty under the capture of those lenses. Especially love the one with blur palm trees as background and also couples wearing same shirt in the white room! Very nice!

  • http://www.edwardsuhadi.com Henry

    I’m glad to hear it… and the last photo belong to handry’s.. so Kudos Handry too! Yeah…. thx le =)

  • http://www.leonyleony.blogspot.com Leony

    Kudos Henry! Bagus! Kartikanya cantik, mirip hmmm…itu tuh…. yang nyanyi lagu Cinta Cuma Satu, si Nindy :) Apalagi yang di foto terakhir.