Golden Tickets Top Five Announced!

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The contest is over, the videos are in, and we have picked our best five. They are Yosep and Anita, Teddy Christine, Michael and Jennifer, Feliz and Leony, and lastly Arie and Myra.

As we mentioned, this five winners will be invited to a lunch together, where we could have some face time and get the chemistry going. After that, then we will announce the two winners.

We’re learning a lot about these kind of contest, it’s a first for us y’know, so there has been some hiccups here and there, but hey, life’s about learning, isn’t it?

We gained a lot experience and knowledge that we will definetely have more of these kind of crowd-participation contest in the future.

One couple wrote this, and it’s so good to hear:

“Hi Edward & the team,
firstly we’d like to thank you guys for creating this event in the first place, we don’t care about winning (well we’re gonna be extra happy if we do =D it was a lot of fun and we learnt a lot.

We’re looking forward to meeting you guys, even if we don’t win the golden tickets.”

Well, those truly are one of the benefits that we see about making these videos: we know it will be a great time when you do a creative project with your lover-soon-to-be-lover-of-a-lifetime. Everybody wants to win of course, but like a cliche, it’s not about winning, it’s about the journey. And we hope just the process of making the video has been fun.

For those who had sent your videos and making a lot effort on making them, we thank you. Even if you didn’t make it to the top five, we hope you had fun :)

For those selected, rejoice! Wait for our phone call :)

And for our faithful readers, we will keep you updated on the progress of the contest.

Willy Wonka out.

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  • teddy & christine

    Hello again yosep, saya dapet video kamu dari google. I’d have to say the concept is very interesting, the role change is something new, you guys really cracked us up :D

  • Yosep Sugiarto

    Hey Teddy + Christine… how can you see the videos? I was curious about the other videos as well “) want to see. anyway thx for your kind word :) yes we cant wait to see all of you too… to edward… thx again for the name revision :D

  • Teddy & Christine

    Hi folks, congratulations to all nominees, we are fortunate enough to get to see Yosep & Anita’s video as well as Feliz and Leony’s and we like it a lot =)

    It’s amazing how an idea can be executed in many different ways and we can’t wait to see the rest of the video and meet everyone.

    See you soon =D

  • Edward

    Waks, sorry Sep. Udah dibenerin tuh. Sorry ya Anne… I mean, Anita!

  • Yosep Sugiarto

    Hahahahaha Yosep & Anne… ralat : Yosep & Anita :)

  • Yosep Sugiarto

    Congratz to all of you…. good to see those 5 couples :) can’t wait to meet you all…