Golden Ticket Reminder, and…. submission video!!!

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Hiya guys! It’s only two weeks away, I hope you guys are not forgetting about that Golden Ticket!. Here’s a quick round up of links to refresh your mind.

The first announcement
The Facebook Event page
Example of how easy it is to make one

For those who come in late, The Golden Tickets are our prewedding giveaways that you can pass on. Honestly, we haven’t got as many participants as we hoped for, so: WE NEED YOUR HELP! We really think that people will love the idea, and of course the tickets/prizes itself, but because many haven’t heard of it, we still haven’t got as many as we hoped for. So, if you got a minute or two, please pass this on to your friends.

People on the facebook page say they are working on the videos, so like all humans do, they push it near the deadline.

And here is one of the video submissions we got until now. These guys are really smart. They take a popular hot theme right now, and turn it upside down. You should watch it. It’s entertaining for sure :D

*giggles* Sorry folks :) But it *is* hot right now, isn’t it? 2 million views and counting…

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  • Yosep Sugiarto

    Edan….. HAHAHAHAHA… goyang edward si top abis…. AHAHAHAHAHHAA si sugeng mana goyangnya ni…. handry gak ikutan yah?