It’s not the gift

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But the love behind it, they say.

I’ve worked with Ade Adeline (affectionally called ‘Mbak Ade’) for quite some time. Years actually. We’ve traveled distant places and worked on countless couples. I lost track on how many hours we talked on the plane or in the hotel, sharing life struggles and challenges. I considered herself family, part of team, since we’ve been together for so long. More like a older sister.

I’ve seen her little old camera countless times, because whenever she travels she brought it along to take before/after pictures of her work. I know with so many jobs on her plate she has no trouble buying a new one, but maybe she hasn’t found the time, or maybe, I think, she just a simple lady and felt content with the one she has back then.

Anyway, me and Francy already planned to give something to her, as part of our thank you for the countless extra miles she puts for us, but we haven’t found the right item. That time we were in Bali for a job, then all of us were leaving for Australia for another job. When she pulled out her old camera, *lightbulb* We know there’s no better gift than a spankin’ new camera to take pictures in a new place. (she hasn’t been to Australia that time)

We took her shopping to a camera store in downtown Denpasar, telling her that it’s for a friend. We bought the whole deal, memory cards and protective case. We even asked her opinion on which one is cool, or what color should we get. She eagerly joined the discussion, not knowing that she was choosing for herself.

After getting out of the store, we gave it to her.

It’s one of my best ‘Surprise!’ moments. I think I also shed a tear or two, seeing her overwhelmed like that. Afterwards, she couldn’t stop smiling, or taking pictures for that matter :)

It’s not the gift, but the love behind it that makes it all special. I’m writing this on the blog so I could remember that.

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