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As you guys know, Edward Suhadi Photography has a little associate program on the side called Faith and Grace Productions. Guys and gals who’s been in the field with me, going on their own, creating beautiful photographs and video footages for their own line of clients.

We see them grow, making use of every training, chat, and workshop we had, getting better at every wedding they take, and definetely bringing home great pictures that would make a daddy proud :)

Now, we’ve been having a lot of talks lately about where we are going to go with this brand, and after a lengthy discussion, we have come to a conclusion that, FNG *is* Edward Suhadi. It’s right in front of our eye but we failed to see it right away: the apple really does not fall far from the tree.

So with that we decided that we will take Faith and Grace Productions signage down, and we will have the guys continue under only one name: Edward Suhadi Productions. From now on, you can choose your photographer as your liking; and we will also continue to do video work for your wedding day.

We’re so excited about this new beginning. As you can check out later, we have been doing some cleaning around the house: we redesigned the blog, put some freshness to the website, organized the Facebook page, and set up a new twitter account. All that to keep you updated with our works, our events and trips, and also to keep you entertained :) Please do not hesitate to look around.

We have put together a short video clip marking this great start. If you like what you see, do retweet or share us to your circles. Much appreciated :D

Picture start!

UPDATE: Mobile version is up on YouTube for those of you who’s currently on the road. Be sure to check out the high quality version here once you’re on a desk.

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    Saya Yosep saya videografernya Yosep Sugiarto…. AHAHAHAHAHA keren2… four thumbs up! Edward gokil…. si Handry juga gelo… semua gelo :D hahahaha gw ngakak liat yg terakhir bgt….