Why we think Google Reader kick some tushies

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This post is dedicated to, once again, invite you to use and understand RSS.

RSS (Really Short Syndication) is the new way to get your news. Imagine feeds of new blog posts and new articles from your favorite sites sent to your way, every second, constantly.

Google Reader is kinda a desk, where you get all your newspapers and magazines.

We used to describe it as getting your news at home (Google Reader), instead of going to the store (actually visiting the website).

You visit 20 blogs a day? Then before understanding RSS you probably going door to door (website to website) to get your latest news/articles/posts.

But after understanding what RSS is and made your own Google Reader account, you can subscribe to the RSS feeds of the said 20 blogs, then you can just sit and see the news coming in, from all the favorite websites you hand-picked. Free. Instantly. Isn’t that amazing?

We hope the analogy is simple enough.

How do I set up a Google Reader account then, you ask? Learn it here.

A lot of people say it’s too hard, too complicated. The sad truth is people always reluctant to change. That’s why this is my second time writing about this RSS thing.

But really, trust us, it’s well worth the learning curve. Like us, you’ll never looked back.

Happy subscribing. You can start with our feed here.

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