We need to kill these vampires

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Here I am in the early make up time, just heard a heartbreaking story from one of my photo crew.

His father borrow some money from a loanshark (rentenir) – started out at only 2 million rupiahs. What’s staggering is the rate of the interest : Rp 300.000,- per HALF a month.

Isn’t that just plain crazy? That’s around what, 30% A MONTH?

Before you know it, the father borrowed from some other loanshark to pay for the previous one. And the cycle continues. They seemed to have some kind of network, giving information to one another, so the next bastard could just showed up in his house bringing money, like an answer of prayer to (from the evil I guess) to cover his debt.

In the end, he was in debt to almost 20 loansharks, totalling to 90 million, from a 2 million loan.

Some of the crazy stories he shared: 2 million worth of gold was expected to be 4 million in 5 months. A 15 million loan with an interest of 3 million a month.

So the father in the end just doesn’t had enough strength to cope with all this debts, and call his sons (one of them is my crew here) to tell him all about it.

The family ended up selling everything all they had, including some lands, borrowing money from families and work, and giving all their savings.

This is just heartbreaking really. Doesn’t this constitute a crime somewhere? Any educated man, with some common sense will not accept a 30% a month loan, so definetely this is a scam, preying on old and naive village folks, who just going to sign anything for some quick cash. These guys should be arrested.

I mean, I heard about loansharks from when I was in school, but never heard a story so real that it just makes me so angry.

The point of my writing is, please, if you have (I am sure you do) people working for you, who has parents/families still in the rural area, please inform them about this story, and make sure that their family has nothing to do with these bloodsucking heartless bastards. Ask them to ask their family if they had took a loan somewhere. Get involved in educating them, because this has got to stop. (After his father, three more victims popped up on his village, just weeks away.)

A little education goes a very-very long way. Please-please make time.

I am hoping you would forward/retweet this message if you think this is important.


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