Lapindo in the skies

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Have you heard the news about the Iceland’s volcano? Read all about it here It is currently spewing out volcanic ash high up into the air, and showing no signs of stopping. The horrible thing is that this ash is very dangerous to airplane jet engines, since it will melt on high tempratures and sticks all over the place, causing the engines to stop working. Yikes.

And, the cloud of ash is holding in its place, hovering all over Northern Europe and shows no signs of dispersing soon. Double yikes.

All flights in most of Europe are grounded. And I mean all. Could you imagine? In this current interconnected world? The ripple of disruption is felt all over the world. Businesses are losing by tens of millions every day all the way to Australia. They already begin to lay-off people because of this event. In our fragile economy after 2008 crisis, this could be a really bad mojo.

And what if this whole thing turns out to be “Lapindo in the skies” ? Where it won’t stop spewing ash until God knows when? This could be a real mess. Sorry sir, but you cannot fly across Europe for the next 50 years? Say what?

I’m writing this post just to say that how fragile our world is. It’s really a delicate balance between everything that you see and hear. We are not that strong, and far from determining our own destiny.

I don’t want to say that I am a religious person, since there’s so much baggage to the word, but I really believe that we humans are puny, even with all our space station, our nuclear technology, our iPhone and iPads :D There’s so much more to life and living than the eyes and logic could see.

Let’s just pray that this thing won’t turn into something that will change the civilized world forever.

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