May we not live forever

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Yes, you read it right.

A couple of weeks ago, I was flippin’ channels in a hotel in Bali and come across to the movie “300” – y’know, the infamous: “Tonight, WE DINE IN HELLLL!!!” ? – I love the cinematography, the plot, the acting, this is a good Hollywood-artsy movie.

There is one scene in the movie that really resonate within me, hence I wrote this post.

Summarized plot: The Persians were invading The Greeks, and they were held in a narrow valley with only 300 Spartan (a tribe), compared to the millions of Persians. They were passionate and honorable men, they loved their country so much that dying for her is an honor. Then there was this guy, Ephialtes, who was turned down into being a Spartan soldier because he was not physically capable to do so (he’s like the hunchback notre dame guy). Ephialtes become bitter, and became a traitor, by going to the enemy’s King to tell the him the way around the narrow stronghold, letting the Persians attack the good guys from behind.

Then there was this scene where Ephialtes was showered with gold and precious stones, and all the hot Persian chicks belly dancing with what that could only be described as the first thongs ever invented, all the while he was massaged and hand-fed grapes by the beauties. A typical King Salomon harlem.

The end scene: The good guys were cornered from front and back. The enemy king was laughing his ass off, and there stood Ephialtes with his maroon red robe and golden staff and of course, the thong-ladies.

Then just before the last battle scene where he died, Leonidas, the Spartan King, said to Ephialtes with a calm and truthful tone:

“May you live forever, Ephialtes…”

The scene changed to Ephialtes who couldn’t do anything but stare jaw dropped at the king, then looked away, feeling his heart crushed.

This scene really has striked a chord within me.

Most people want to live forever. Showered with riches and thong-ladies. We’ve seen movies where kings search for fountains of youth, or exotic flowers take can make man live forever.

But for what? Take a moment of silence, and really seek the answer for your own.

I say it’s better to live a short life full of meaning and blessing, and impact for others, rather than a long one, but selfish and empty and hollow. Just have a look at what the richest man do at his old age. And try to imagine what kind of life that Ephialtes is going through after that one sentence spoken to him at the beginning of his thought-so-fabolous life.

Cherished everything that we have been blessed for. And make sure if it’s check out time, we’ll be smiling looking back. I am not perfect, still working on lotsa things, so hopefully I won’t be checkout anytime soon.

Suddenly, the thongs are not that hot anymore.

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  • Christian

    These are very good thoughts. If we live forever, we also have to live with the consequences of our actions forever.

  • Mama Mima

    this is a very good post! salut & terima kasih, edward selalu punya hal2 menarik dan inspirasional untuk dibagikan.