The Perfect Gift: Family

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I am not planning at all to tell the world that today is my second anniversay with my wife, Francy. But Lisna, a friend, left me a wall post on Facebook linked to this video. We (two couples) had dinner last weekend talking about the same exact thing mentioned in the video. And what a timing, since she doesn’t have a clue today is special. I don’t believe in coincidences, so it is kinda nice to know God remembers our anniversary, and He even gave us this perfect gift through Lisna. So here I am telling the world that today is my anniversary, I am kinda embarrassed about it, but the video and the perfect timing is so… perfect, that it is too good not to share.

I shot so many beautiful ladies and perfect faces and glossy dresses and remarkable cities, that the video has such a deep meaning for myself. A reminder, if I may say so :) And no, I didn’t shed a tear. Almost. Haha…

Here’s to you Francy. Thank you for staying in the wagon along the ride. You are so beautifully imperfect.

And to the Big Guy, thank You.

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  • Pao Pheng

    Happy belated wedding anniversary, Ed & Francy.

    Wow…. thank you for sharing us the video.. kena banget deh :0

    gbu both

    pao & kin

  • en.en

    awww… happy anniversary to you and your soulmate! =) God bless

  • Leony

    Happy Anniversary!! Hope you and your wife have more and more wonderful years ahead!!

    Beautiful posting, Edward!

  • widi

    dats was a nice thing..!!