Goodnite Letter from the Vaio girl

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I was cleaning up my inbox tonite when I found an email from one of my clients, Sieska:

“Do you believe love at first sight?

Well, we do!

When we saw each other for the first time, we knew that we will be sharing our life forever! Can’t sleep, can’t eat, can’t think, even can’t breathe (properly) surely happened to us! Thank God! He led us to breathe (finally properly) together… in a lifetime promise!

When we first saw a small yellow Post-It sticker in one big page of a wedding magazine, we just knew that he would be the one who will freeze our memorable day… with no other doubt!

And when we browsed we just simply truly fell in love with his natural work of art!

Do you believe true love never fails?

Well, we do!

In time, we walked down the aisle with the Grace of God along with talented Edward, his team, and a steady ready camera in his hands, wrapped in fully hearted dedication of the works/

Edward, we would like to thank you and your team… It was a dream came true to share the day with you and every shot you made, is exactly what we’ve always wanted.

Keep up the down to earth, fun and caring personality in the friendship ambience of yours.

Your work is simply the best!

Aldrian & Sieska”

Aaahh, what a way to end the day *big grin* Thank you for the kind words from both of you. It was a pleasure shooting you both :)

PS: Some of their wedding shots can be found here – with one of my all-time personal favorites.
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  • Anonymous

    That’s such a sweet story =)

  • cozyvintage cubicle

    Hey Edward!

    It was nice to have a dream come true…

    Thanks for making ONE for us…