So little words, so much to say

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I’ve been meaning to write to the blog these last couple of days, but words doesn’t seem to flow as easy as it should. I just had sooo much happening in these last couple of weeks, along with alotta stuff inside my head, I think I’m gonna burst if I’m not at least even put a little entry to the blog.
I’ve been away from home quite a while now, after shooting some couples in Bali, me and Francy went to Singapore to wait our next assignment, getting our rest after quite exhausting sessions in Bali :) (All the Bali’s couples are grinning rite now, I can tell, hehehe…) I’m staying at a family’s home here in Singapore, and these couple of days are quite energizing, giving the mind and the body a chance to come back to a full state, ready to shoot the remaining assignments. 
More to come…
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  • Erika Jennings

    Jia Yo Edward & Francy!….SALUTE for such a hardworking & dedicated couple like you! Especially you, Francy, you might be a petite lady; however, you are a very great helper for your husband. My husband & I are very inspired with your teamwork. A great influence for newlyweds like us…hahaha…GODSPEED! =)

  • Edward Suhadi

    Baru balik dari IKEA nih… :) Tapi karena kecapean and Singapore lagi ujan melulu rada kurang hot kali ini visitnya :) Maybe next time. IKEA Spore lagi direnov juga tuh, masih berantakan

  • Erika Jennings

    Dah ke IKEA belum? Charging the creativity inside you….