Promises are made to be kept

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Not the other way around like we often hear.

Ok. So I met with this beautiful lady named Sherly, with his mom back then (I forget when). In our casual talk I mentioned that my dad is from Surabaya, just like her mom. I mentioned that I loooove Bakwan Kapasari (for those of you remember eating rectangle shaped bakso in Surabaya, that’s the one). Her mom then said, “I’ll sneak some for you when I get back to Jakarta later.” (And I even haven’t shot a single frame, hehehe…).

So came the wedding shoot in Singapore. One time when we had lunch, I ordered the siomay with the chopped carrot on top (you guys know, rite?), despite the fact that I already finished my meal. I said then, “I could never resist these things. I jumped at them at the first sight…) Ok, click-click-click, finished the shoot.

Exactly the day before my departure to Australia, a box arrived with a note “From Jeff and Sherly”. When I opened it up:

It’s was my favorite siomay! A box full! Tears almost rolled down on my cheek, hahaha… I thank them, and of course put the siomays in the freezer. (finished them up in a couple of days after my arrival back from oz).

Today coming back to my house, I noticed there’s a package with another same note, “From Jeff and Sherly”. And when I opened it up:

It’s the one and only, Bakwan Kapasari. Still frozen from the flight from Surabaya. Sherly’s mom hand carried-it all the way to Jakarta, to fulfill her promise on our casual talk.

And I now, fully stuffed with the goodness of the best bakwan in the world, started to think, “Geez, some people do walk all the way to keep their word…” I myself am not a good promise-keeper. I usually forgot (not break, mind you :p ) a lotta promises I made to people. But this little gift has got me thinking, “I should try harder to keep the promises I’ve made. Besides, don’t you feel ashamed to Sherly’s mom?” I think our parents have said it before, and it is so true, “Never make a promise you couldn’t keep. If you do, keep them.” That’s why I always try to be more careful in making promises.

Let’s take a minute and remember any promises that we haven’t kept. Now, do we wanna do something about it? :)

And for you, my dear Jeffrey and Sherly, I thank you for keeping this boy and his wife’s tummies full for tonite. I even take a couple of shots before we dive in into bakwan heaven :) Show it to your mom to let her know, It’s worth it :)

Seriously, they should put this Kapasari thing in a book titled “1001 food to eat before you die” or something…

I understand you guys are leaving tonite, but definetely we will be in touch. There’s still one more ‘promise’ to keep eh? Hahahaha… All the best for your future plans and walks, and I’ll be seeing you in your town, adios! God bless!

PS: Here are some images that I shot with them in Singapore

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  • Agnes T

    I love the one with them running from the rain. And yes, Bakwan Kapasri kicks serious bootie!

  • fred`s wijaya

    wuahhhhh sial deh…BAKWAN KAPASRI ooouuuggghhhh…..ngiler gw brooo, haduh jadi pengen balik SBY cepet cepet neh, pulang ahhhhh….

    mau nitip lagi brooo ????
    sambel nya brooo sambelnyaaaaaa….

    cap cus….

    all the best for Edward….