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Hansen (my 3rd client in Melbourne) drop me this line:

Hi Edward, how’s adelaide trip? any great food better than melbourne’s? *doubt that* lol…
i’ve just visited your website, thinking why don’t I drop some comments for you at least a BIG THANKZ for everything you’ve done, praising your work dedication bro. It has been a really great of fun prewed photo in melbourne with your companion, feels like i’ve known you for ages. Even if I have 2nd chance to choose other photographers, i’d still pick you!! no regrets, only satisfaction! All my friends should know how great you are… *didn’t make things up or trying to do some marketing here…* this is what a satisfied person would says!!! -looking forward to the result of the photography-
See you when we have the chance in indo, that’s if you’re not busy though! good luck! i’m sure good things are still waiting for you in the future! *keep up the good work* cheerz mate!

Thanks for the kind words Bro. I’ll be uploading some of your pictures here. Gotta work now (shooting the last client of the trip).


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  • Hansen

    Wadohh, masuk juga tuh video… malu euy! “last night was great” what was i thinking? *lol* scary words to be thrown to a guy!!!