Evy is ill

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It is confirmed, our dear Evy is ill, and will go back to her hometown for two weeks of bed rest. This unfortunate event is coincidently take place on the same time when me and Francy are also leaving for Australia to shoot some of our clients. So in the meantime, please send your queries to these contact info:

New Clients and Financial (DP etc)
Please drop an email and cc it to *all* these addresses:
Ongoing Projects / Client’s Revisions
Plese drop your email and cc it to *all* these addresses:
or you can call (021) 5696 2552 and ask for Lice or Victor
Our team is prepared for these kind of situations, so all businesses occur as normal :) We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused by these events, and thank you for understanding. Let us all pray for Evy’s full recovery :)
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